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» » Orc Stain (series 1-7) 2010-2012
Orc Stain (series 1-7) 2010-2012

Orc Stain (series 1-7) 2010-2012

Publisher: Other
Pictures: 252
Language: English
Size: 324.95 mb.

Keywords: Orc Stain 2012
Over a million millennia the world crackled and writhed under uncontrollable horde of orcs. Wild, bloodthirsty creation, they countless hordes invaded almost every corner of the world ... Innumerable, but much too fragmented ... Neither empire orcs and not passed the test of time, as long as the masters, eventually turned against the hordes of restless nature ... But now, in the jungles of the Far South, in the bustling epicenter of the most orc essentially announce a new strong leader, nicknamed Orktsar. He was able to do what hitherto unthinkable - yummy tribes of his country and led them to war against Invincible Earth ... The senior race, hidden until now under the protection of strong walls from attacks scattered orc tribes, fell one after the other on the banner of King ... Horde of orcs stretched more than ever ...шаблоны для dle 11.2