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Superboy (Volume 5) 1-11 series
Superboy is back in a brand-new ongoing series! Join Jeff Lemire (SWEET TOOTH) and amazing up-and-coming artist Pier Gallo as they take Superboy on a journey to a side of Smallville not even Superman knows about! What mysteries lurk beneath the surface of this all-American town ?? and what are their direct ties to Superboy? The start of the nex
Sword of Sorcery (Volume 1) 1-5 series
Featuring Fritz Leiber's Gray Mouser and Fafhrd. All five issues feature adaptations of Leiber stories.
Batman - Legends of the Dark Knight (Full collection)
228 comics pages | 1989-2007 year
2460 мegabytes

Keywords: Batman Legends of the Dark Knight DC comics Batman comics Legends Dark Knight Batman collection 1989-2007
File(s): Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight - Issues 0-214 - Annuals 1-7 - Halloween Specials 1-3 - Mini Series - Jazz 1-3 - Original Scanners: DCP, GCPD, Mr. Shepard - Publisher: DC Comics Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight, commonly referred to as simply Legends of the Dark Knight is a DC comic book featuring Batman. It was launched in 1989
The Brave and the Bold (Volume 1) 1-200 series
200 comics pages |
2800 мegabytes

Keywords: Brave and the Bold DC comics Brave Bold collection Brave and Bold
Batman, Blue Beetle, Green Arrow, Aquaman and other characters - in each issue of the new "superhero team"! Also offers comics based on the animated series "Batman: Brave and Bold".
Strange Adventures (Volume 2) 1-4 series
In 1999, DC Comics imprint Vertigo released a four-issue mini-series reviving the Strange Adventures title and concept. It featured stories written by Brian Azzarello, Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons, Bruce Jones, Joe R. Lansdale, John Ney Rieber, Robert Rodi, Doselle Young and Mark Schultz. Artists included Edvin Biukovi????, Richard Corben, Klau
Strange Adventures (Volume 1) 1-244 series
trange Adventures was a sci-fi anthology series that featured various heroic figures including, Adam Strange, Captain Comet, Chris KL-99, Deadman, Space Cabby and the Star Rovers. Running for 244 issues from 1950 through 1973, the original Strange Adventures is probably best known for introducing the character Deadman, and as an early showcase for
All-Flash (1-32 series) Complete
Flash Comics was an anthology comic book published by All-American Publications and later National Periodicals (DC Comics). The title ran for 104 issues between January 1940 to February 1949. Although the name of the comic book was Flash Comics, the Flash was only one of many different series featured in the magazine. Many DC Comics characters
All-American Comics volume 1 (1-102 series) Complete
102 comics pages | 1939-1948 year
2631.7 мegabytes

Keywords: All-American Comics DC comics All-American Comics 1939-1948
Engineer Alan Scott gets into a train crash, in which killed all his colleagues. The guy wakes up in a deep gorge at the destroyed overpass railroad bridge, clutching a green mashinistsky lantern. Really, the whole thing in it? Escaped criminals sought refuge in the swamps, face it with a monster, get out of the quagmire. This one says that he
All-Star Comics (Volume 1) 1-74 series
ll - Star Comics featured the adventures of DC's original Super hero team, the Justice Society of America from issue #3 onwards. Running for an initial 57 issues, All- Star Comics was revived in the 1970's and a further 17 issues were produced - the latter issues featuring some next generation heroes as well as the original team. Among the
The Flash - Rebirth (1-6 series) Complete
6 comics pages |
188.1 мegabytes

Keywords: The Flash Rebirth DC comics The Flash comics Rebirth comics 2009
Through the decades, many heroes have taken the mantle of The Flash, but they all ride the lightning that crackles in the wake of the greatest hero the DC Universe has ever known, the man who sacrificed himself to save the Multiverse: Barry Allen! Following the events of FINAL CRISIS, Barry has beaten death and returned to a fast-paced world that
Longshot (1989) TPB
177 pages |
138.5 мegabytes

Keywords: Longshot Marvel Collection 1989 TPB
Longshot debuted in a six-issue, eponymous 1985??1986 mini-series. The series featured the "Mojoverse", an alien dimension whose residents are addicted to gladiator-like entertainment and ruled by the tyrannical network head Mojo. Longshot, who possesses probability altering or "luck" powers, is an action star who escapes enslavement by Mojo
Amazing Spider-Man Presents - Anti-Venom - New Ways to Live #1-3 (2009)
3 issues pages |
75.34 мegabytes

Keywords: Amazing Spider-Man Presents Anti-Venom New Ways to Live Marvel Collection 2009
Eddie Brock is Anti-Venom! Eddie is cautiously walking the line between the darkness and light while trying to find his place in a world marked only by gray. The absolute last person he needs to run into is the Punisher...
Aladdin Legacy Of The Lost (1-3 series) Complete
Long ago, in the ancient desert kingdom of Agrabah, a poor young man named Aladdin dares to dream. He dreams of a life away from the crowded streets?from having to steal food to survive. When he encounters the kingdom's runaway Princess and strikes up a friendship with a wacky all-powerful genie, Aladdin thinks his dreams will come true. With the
X-Files - 30 Days Of Night (1-6 series) Complete
"The X-Files" tells the story of their work and personal lives of special agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Mulder - a talented detective, a firm believer in the supernatural, including the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life and its presence on planet Earth. Because of these beliefs colleagues
Deadworld War of the Dead (1-5 series) Complete
The Lepers, with their dead and decaying flesh, brace themselves for the zombie onslaught. Rand, the leader, pushes for a confrontation soon as he knows the lepers are the only hope, and most of them are closer to death than they'd like to admit. Meanwhile, King Zombie reveals his sinister plan!

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