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The Invisibles (Volume 1) 1-25 series
Earth is in the grip of evil forces. The powerful aliens hold the strings of the world's governments, the military and security forces and instill obedience and consumerism to the masses, people make special procedures in their slaves. There are those who opposes them, invisible, ontological terrorists are using in their secret war of magic, time
Human Target (Volume 3) 1-6 series
On the heels of the highly anticipated Human Target Fox television series comes a brand-new adventure pitting Christopher Chance against the organized crime...of the world! When he's tasked with protecting a highly placed informant and collecting damaging evidence throughout Europe, every assassin and goon from Paris to Prague will be gunning for
Human Target (Volume 2) 1-21 seres
Chance returned in an ongoing series later in 2003, also published under the Vertigo imprint. The series was again written by Peter Milligan, and illustrated by Javier Pulido and Cliff Chiang. With his deceptions following Final Cut discovered, Chance leaves behind Los Angeles to move to New York City, taking on a variety of jobs that test him
Human Target (Volume 1) 1-4 series
His name is Christopher Chance and the most important thing for him - to save the life of his client. When a death threat can not be prevented in a different way, Chance becomes fully walking target for the killers live at the role of the client. For example, if the head of the corporation threatens dismissed employee, Chance is the auditor of the
Hunter - The Age of Magic (1-25 series) Complete
Tim Hunter returns! Older. Wiser. More powerful. But still without all the answers. HUNTER begins an all-new ongoing series where Tim's adventures bring him to realms both familiar, Gemworld and Skartaris, and unknown, aided by his owl familiar Yo-Yo.
House of Mystery (Volume 2) 1-42 series + Annuals
45 comics pages |
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Keywords: House of Mystery vertigo comics House of Mystery comics House Mystery 2008-2011
Each separate story, the plot bordered by about five strangers from different worlds and eras stuck in the headline and the house, because of the inability to get out of there, it opened the diner for travelers (which, actually, is the narrator of the central stories).
Greek Street (1-16 series) Complete
Criminal series by Peter Milligan and David Dzhianfeliche. You??re a boy from the hood. You??re brought up rough in a children??s home, trying to stay out of trouble but usually failing. Then at 18 you decide to track down your mother. Within hours of finding her, she??s lying naked and dead at your feet. So you run to Greek Street.
The Dreaming (1-60 series + Special) Complete
The Dreaming was a monthly comic series that ran for 60 issues (June 1996 to May 2001). It is set in the same dimension of the DC universe as The Sandman and the stories occurred primarily within Dream's realm, The Dreaming, concentrating on characters who had played minor roles in The Sandman, including The Corinthian, Matthew the raven, Cain and
Crossing Midnight (1-19 series) Complete
Crossing Midnight was an American horror/fantasy comic book series set in contemporary Japan. It was written by Mike Carey and illustrated by Jim Fern and Eric Nguyen, with covers by J. H. Williams III. Vertigo, a DC Comics imprint, published the series. It was canceled due to poor sales, and the series concluded after 19 issues. Carey has said
Black Orchid (Volume 2) 1-22 series + Annual
23 comics pages |
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Keywords: Black Orchid Black Orchid comics Black Orchid 1993-1995 vertigo comics Dick Foreman
Once, Black Orchid was a super-hero. Of course, that was before the Black Orchid mini-series when she died??and was reborn as something else. She is beyond human now, ethereal and celestial, though she masquerades as a woman when the mood suits her. As a model, an escort, or even as a campaign worker, she wields a strange power of enchantment. T
American Virgin (1-23 series) Complete
23 comics pages |
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Keywords: American Virgin vertigo comics American Virgin comics American Virgin 2006-2008
American Virgin was an American comic book series published by Vertigo Comics and written by Steven T. Seagle and illustrated by Becky Cloonan. The series launched on a monthly schedule in March 2006 and was canceled two years later. Seagle was able to finish his storyline. The story follows the life of Adam, a teenager who is a born-again
American Century (1-27 series) Complete
WRITTEN BY HOWARD CHAYKIN AND DAVID TISCHMAN;ART BY MARC LAMING AND JOHN STOKES;PAINTED COVER BY CHAYKIN. A decorated WWII vet bails on the trappings of suburban America rather than serve in the Korean conflict, hijacking a plane to begin an extraordinary life of action and adventure that spans the entire globe.
Air (1-24 series) Complete
24 comics pages |
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Keywords: Air 2008-2010 Air comics collection Air comics vertigo comics G. Willow Wilson
Blythe, an acrophobic flight attendant for the fictional Clearfleet Airlines, is invited to join the "Etesian Front", who claim to be an anti-terrorist organization. The Etesians trick Blythe into transporting plans for a terrorist attack. When she discovers this, she and a man named Zayn are kidnapped and taken on board the plane that is the
2020 Visions (1-12 series) Complete
2020 Visions (sometimes called 20/20 Visions) is a science-fiction comic book written by Jamie Delano and drawn by four artists. Originally serialized as a twelve-issue full-color limited series from 1997 to 1998 at the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics, it was later collected as a black-and-white volume in a 2004 hardcover from Cyberosia Publishing
Young Liars (1-18 series) Complete
Young Liars is a comic book series created by David Lapham. It was published by DC Comics as a part of that company's Vertigo imprint. The first issue was released in March 2008. The book centers around a group of 20-somethings in modern day New York City, though the story quickly expands to other parts of America and the world. All of them have
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents - Madness of Wonderland (1-4 series) Complete
As the flower girls from Wonderland continue to claim their victims, Calie struggles with finding a way to snap Violet out of her downward spiral. But when Violet meets a new friend who seems to be the answer to all Calie's prayers, they will both learn first-hand that even the best of friends can carry their own deep, dark secrets. Meanwhile, in

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