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Abiding Perdition (1-6 series) Complete
6 Issues pages |
300.3 мegabytes

Keywords: Abiding Perdition Abiding comics free comics comics
In a barren world where a looming shadow stretches its prevailing grasp, Little Red is a starving humanity's last hope. Yet will her contempt for the dark forces of this world be the very catalyst to its demise? Follow our young warrior as she traverses a landscape of fabled enemies and new found friends en route to discovering her own redemption
Iron Man - Thor (1-4 series) complete
4 comics pages |
95.7 мegabytes

Keywords: Iron Man Thor marvel comics Iron Man Thor Iron Man comics thor comics 2011
A new god for the new century! Thor, the God of Thunder - an Asgardian deity come to Earth to protect the innocent. Iron Man - a next-generation suit of armor invented and piloted by billionaire genius Tony Stark. Both are Avengers, leaders and heroes of the highest regard. And both are about to become obsolete! The High Evolutionary enlists the
Deadman - Dead Again (1-5 series) complete
5 comics pages |
53.7 мegabytes

Keywords: Deadman Dead Again 1991 dc comics Deadman Dead Again Deadman comics Dead Again
Dead Again was a five-part, weekly mini-series with a cover date of October, 1991.
The Last Zombie - Neverland (1-5 series) complete
Lost somewhere between Missouri and Iowa, the team carrying the zombie cure soon encounter Neverland, an enclave of children who have survived the zombie apocalypse, apparently without any adult supervision whatsoever. What dark secret do they hold? And will Ian Scott's own dark secret-a zombie infection barely held at bay-be revealed to all? More
The Last Zombie - Inferno (1-5 series) complete
5 comics pages |
219.1 мegabytes

Keywords: Last Zombie Inferno Last Zombie Inferno Last Zombie comics Inferno comics 2011
In the dead of winter, Antarctic Press' popular new series, The Last Zombie: Inferno picks up where The Last Zombie left off, as Doctor Ian Scott and his team of soldiers and scientists make their way across the wastelands of a post-zombie apocalyptic America. Infected with the virus that caused the zombie outbreak, Ian struggles to stay alive
The Last Zombie - Dead New World (1-5 series) complete
5 comics pages |
131.4 мegabytes

Keywords: Last Zombie Dead New World 2010 Last Zombie comics Dead New World Dead New World
Check your fuel tanks, weapons and supplies; buckle down tight; and get ready for a thrill ride that may leave you breathless-or not even breathing! Brian Keene, the horror novelist acclaimed as one of the major forces behind the new era of zombie popularity, is bringing an all-new, fright-filled feature to Antarctic Press! Follow the frantic
The Invaders (volume 1) 1-41 series
Marvel's redefinition of the heroes from World War Two! Join Captain America, Namor, Bucky, the original Human Torch, Union Jack and Spitfire among others while they fight the axis of evil, such as the Nazi's and the Japanese.
Infinite Crisis Aftermath: The Battle for Bl??dhaven (1-6 series) complete
After the events of Infinite Crisis, Bl??dhaven is under a state of emergency and suffering from isolation. How will this city survive?
Secret War (1-5 series) complete
Secret War is a five-issue comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics. The series is written by Brian Michael Bendis and painted by Gabriele Dell'Otto. It is loos based on classified operations told to Bendis by an anonymous high-ranking officer in the United States Intelligence Community during
The New Avengers - Luke Cage (1-3 series) complete
3 comics pages |
36.3 мegabytes

Keywords: New Avengers Luke Cage New Avengers comics Luke Cage comics marvel 2010
When an old friend from Luke Cage's past is put in the hospital by a vicious attack, Cage leaves his New York City, Avengers Assemblin' adventure-filled life for the cold, harsh and mean streets of North Philadelphia. But what's brought HAMMERHEAD to town as well? JOHN ARCUDI (Wednesdays Comics) and ERIC CANETE (AMAZING SPIDER-MAN) team up to
Batman - Knightfall - The Complete Crossover (71 series) complete
"Knightfall" is the title given to a major Batman story arc published by DC Comics that dominated Batman-related serial comic books in the spring and summer of 1993. The story takes place over approximately six months. Bruce Wayne (Batman) suffers burnout and is systematically assaulted and crippled by a "super steroid"-enhanced genius named
Iron Man - Enter The Mandarin (1-6 series) complete
Warming up for the events of the Iron Man movie sequel - find out exactly how Iron Man's deadliest nemesis came to be. A tale from the early days of the Marvel Universe, this mini-series contains secrets never-before-revealed of the first-ever meeting between the Golden Avenger and the global terrorist known only as the Mandarin! What really
Green Lantern - Emerald Dawn II (1-6 series) complete
Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn II is the sequel to Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn. It was published from April 1991 through September 1991. This series explores what happened during Jordan's 90-day jail sentence, when he was taken under training by Sinestro.
Green Lantern - Emerald Dawn I (1-6 series) complete
Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn is a 1989-1990 limited series comic book published by DC Comics. The series retold the origins of Hal Jordan and how he became a Green Lantern in post-Crisis continuity.
Captain Marvel (volume 5) 1-5 series
Five issue mini-series featuring the "return" of Captain Marvel.
Captain Marvel (volume 4) 1-25 series
This is Captain Marvel volume 4; though in actuality it's just a relaunch of Captain Marvel volume 3 in an arbitrary new #1 issue part as a sales booster stunt and also to participate in Marvel's 'U Decide' contest against Bill Jemas' 'Mar-Ville' and Bill Roseman's 'Ultimate Adventures featuring Owl Man'. This volume continues the adventures of

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