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The Victorian (1-27 series)
27 Issues pages |
428 мegabytes

Keywords: The Victorian The Victorian comics
The story deals with two men, both of them more than 100 years old thanks to an anti-aging serum, both of them members of a secret society devoted to the teachings of Nietzsche. Over time, one of the men becomes convinced the world would be a better place if it were reduced to chaos so that he can take over as its savior; the other dons
Bomb Queen #1-#4
4 Issues pages |
42 мegabytes

Keywords: Bomb Queen Bomb Queen comics
"Bomb Queen" - with a native cunning, unscrupulous, seductive body and a large variety of bombs seized power over the city of New Port City, turning it into a paradise for criminals. And, of course, there are people who do not like this situation and are trying to change it, to put it simply - to kill the Queen and take power into their own hands.
Godzilla - Legends (1-5 series) Complete
5 Issues pages |
113.57 мegabytes

Keywords: Godzilla - Legends Godzilla comics
Focusing on Godzilla's fearsome rogues gallery, each story shines a light on a kaiju that has never before been the center of a comic book story. These stories delve into the minds of Anguirus, Rodan, Titanosaurus, Hedorah, and Kumonga to bring the TOHO universe to life!
Bernet: Clara After Dark (1-7 series)
7 comics pages |
613.4 мegabytes

Keywords: Bernet Clara After Dark 2013 adult comics collection adult
But for those of you that don't know Clara/Betty, she is a "lady of the night", a whore with a heart of gold, who tries to raise her son as a single mom who have had to make some hard choises in her life. The comic itself is two page gags about Clara's life, what she gets up to with her job, her friends, and her son. Mainly it is a comedy book,
The Man of Steel (1-6 series) HD
6 comics pages |
277.1 мegabytes

Keywords: The Man of Steel The Man Steel HD comics 1986 DC comics
Superman enters the post-CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS age with this limited series by superstar John Byrne introducing an all-new origin tale that gives a completely different take on the early days of the Man of Steel and his home planet of Krypton!
Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus (1-2 series) Complete
2 comics pages |
101.6 мegabytes

Keywords: Annihilation Heralds of Galactus 2007 Marvel comics Annihilation comics
Facing an enemy who can absorb his cosmic power, will Terrax assume the fearsome role of The Tamer once again or has the trauma of his enslavement broken his once-mighty spirit?
Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan (1-4 series) HD
4 comics pages |
109.1 мegabytes

Keywords: Before Watchmen Dr. Manhattan 2012 2013 DC comics Before Watchmen comics
Complete collection of 4 comics series. Once an ordinary Jewish boy became a powerful naked guy a bright blue color. And now he's sitting in a pile of Martian sand and remembers how life came to this - and in the process makes an amazing discovery!
Kevin Smiths Green Hornet - Wearing O The Green Vol.2 (2010)
Collects issues #6-10 of THE GREEN HORNET plus bonus materials! The war between The Black Hornet and The Green Hornet reaches its shattering climax in this second volume of Kevin Smith's daring reimagining of the classic character. As The Green Hornet and Kato pursue his father's killer, The Black Hornet reveals a plan that could spell doom for
Kevin Smiths Green Hornet - Sins of the Father Vol.1 (2010)
151 pages |
168 мegabytes

Keywords: Kevin Smiths Green Hornet Sins of the Father Vol.1 2010
Collects issues #1-5 of THE GREEN HORNET, plus bonus materials! The Green Hornet is back, and Dynamite is the new home for the avenging hero, his faithful sidekick, Kato and their sweet ride - the Black Beauty! Playboy Britt Reid Jr. has lived a frivolous life of luxury. But when a mysterious figure from the past brutally and publicly murders his
Hawken (1-6 series)
6 Issues pages |
219.33 мegabytes

Keywords: Hawken Hawken comics
Tim Truman returns to the Weird West! The industry legend teams with his son, writer Ben Truman, for a violent new tale of the supernatural! In the land of the lawless ride the soulless! Scout, hunter, raider, killer-for-hire: Kitchell Hawken has been many things- most of them bad. Scalped, tortured, and left for dead by the mysterious order
Team Yankee (1-6 series)
6 Issues pages |
90.36 мegabytes

Keywords: Team Yankee Team Yankee comics
First Comics' six-issue adaptation of Team Yankee, Harold Coyne's 1987 New York Time's Best Selling speculative fiction novel. It features the experiences of the tank crews and infantrymen fighting on the front lines of World War 3 in Europe.
Hack Slash and Mercy Sparx - A Slice of Hell (1-2 series)
Angels and Demons, Slashers and Killers - discerning them can all get so confusing. What happens when Mercy and Hank need the relic of a slasher on Cassie and Vlad's hit list? Even worse, when the slasher wants it back? It's a fun violent romp that brings DDP's sexiest seductresses together for the first time. Part 2 of this crossover! It's a fun
The Pound - Ghouls Night Out (1-4 series)
4 Issues pages |
77.13 мegabytes

Keywords: The Pound - Ghouls Night Out The Pound - Ghouls Night Out comics
The Pound is officially open for business. Scottie and Howie have their hands full. A creature is harassing park-goers. The Government is investigating them. Ghouls are rebelling, and, if things couldn't get worse, Scottie's mother-in-law has decided to visit.
Tales from the Crypt (Volume 2) 1-13 series
13 Issues pages | 2007-2009 year
350.55 мegabytes

Keywords: Tales from the Crypt Tales from the Crypt comics
Good Lord! Choke! The greatest, most infamous horror comic is back! After over 50 years, the flagship title of the legendary EC Comics line has returned with all-new TALES FROM THE CRYPT as narrated by the original Crypt-Keeper, The Old Witch, and The Vault Keeper. Each issue will feature two 20-page jolting tales of terror in the EC tradition!
Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser (1-4 series)
4 Issues pages |
67 мegabytes

Keywords: Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser comics
Discover the stories that defined the genre of sword & sorcery through the eyes of legendary comics writer Howard Chaykin and Hellboy creator Mike Mignola! Since their first appearance in 1939, Fritz Leiber's Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser have ranked among the most beloved characters in fantasy. Their rollicking adventures in the fantastic land of
Iron Man - The Rapture (1-4 series) HD
4 comics pages |
130.7 мegabytes

Keywords: Iron Man Rapture Marvel 2011 HD comics
When a heart attack brings Tony Stark to the brink of death, he invents Stark 2.0, the ultimate fusion of man and machine. But Stark 2.0 has its own ideas about life, and they don't involve the survival of Iron Man. Could this be the end of Tony Stark?

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