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Rare Bit Fiends (1-21 series)
21 comics pages |
439.6 мegabytes

Keywords: Roarin' Rick's Rare Bit Fiends 1994 collection comics
1995 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - Nominee - Best New Series: (by Rick Veitch [King Hell])
What If? Vol.8 #1-5 (2010)
5 issues pages |
127.8 мegabytes

What If? Vol.7 #1-5 (2009)
5 issues pages |
93.1 мegabytes

What If? Vol.6 #1-6 (2008)
6 issues pages |
158.3 мegabytes

What If? Vol.5 #1-5 (2006-2007)
5 issues pages |
80.1 мegabytes

What If? Vol.4 #1-6 (2006)
6 issues pages |
92.7 мegabytes

What If? Vol.3 #1-6 (2005)
6 issues pages |
73.7 мegabytes

What If? Vol.2 #01-114 (1989-1998)
115 issues pages |
1273.8 мegabytes

What If? Vol.1 #01-47 + Special (1977-1984)
48 issues pages |
698.4 мegabytes

Game Over (1-5 series)
5 comics pages |
79.3 мegabytes

Keywords: Game Over Game Over Game Over comics 2010 comics full comics Game Over
GAME OVER??s main character is a Barbarian, a video game hero. This virtual hero looks tirelessly for an exit without ever succeeding. When he doesn??t wander into an endless labyrinth, he tries in vain to save a clumsy princess, or to escape Blorks, monsters more stupid than evil. A real stylistic challenge : all the jokes end with hero?
Double Barrel (2-7 series)
Time to reload: DOUBLE BARREL is back! Zander's hero HECK begins his horrific journey through the underworld, with faithful sidekick Elliot at his side... but they'll be reminded of some painful truths about themselves they'd rather not face. Meanwhile in Kevin's CRATER XV, the Royal Canadian Arctic Navy recruits Army Shanks to sneak aboard an
Superman: The Last Family of Krypton (1-3 series)
3 comics pages |
134.1 мegabytes

Keywords: Superman The Last Family of Krypton DC comics 2010 comics Last Family Krypton
Now Superman is shown as a lone stranger who lives among people raised in an atmosphere of love and kindness of the family of Kent. But what would have happened if Kal-El arrives on Earth with his parents, Jor-El and Lara? How people would react to the appearance of a family with super powers?
Mass Effect - Redemption (1-4 series) (2010)
98 pages |
104 мegabytes

Keywords: Sci-Fi
Comic book series dedicated to video game series Mass Effect. Mass Effect: Redemption - a prequel to Mass Effect 2
Doorways (1 - 4)
113 pages |
93.6 мegabytes

Keywords: Doorways Doorways comics 2010-2011
What if you could open a doorway into another world? When a strange, feral young woman suddenly appears in the middle of the highway causing a massive explosion, Dr. Tom Mason doesn??t quite know what to make of her, or the strange device on her arm??Acclaimed fantasy novelist George R.R. Martin scripts this all-new comic-book adventure!
Dragon Age (1-6) Complete
167 pages |
130.4 мegabytes

Keywords: Dragon Age Dragon Age comics 2010 comics
In a time lost to history, a war ravaged the land. Mages, incredibly powerful wielders of magic, ruled the world through mastery of dark arts and forbidden spells. Their lust for power almost destroyed all existence, and unleashed an unholy pestilence, the Darkspawn, to plague mankind, trolls, faeries, and all the inhabitants of the realm. Now

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