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Dragonlance Chronicles v1 (2004-2005)
203 pages |
113.9 мegabytes

Keywords: Dragonlance Chronicles Dragonlance Chronicles comics 2004
Adapting the mega-popular first novel in the Dragonlance Chronicles Trilogy: Dragons of Autumn Twilight! An age of despair has dawned for the world of Krynn. As dark forces marshal their growing strength, fear and religious fanaticism grips the land. With war on the horizon, a group of lifelong friends are reunited, all outcasts in their own way.
Baltimore - The Plague Ships (1 - 5)
After a devastating plague ends World War I, Europe is suddenly flooded with vampires. Lord Henry Baltimore, a soldier determined to wipe out the monsters, fights his way through bloody battlefields, ruined plague ships, exploding zeppelins, and submarine graveyards, on the hunt for the creature who's become his obsession. Based on the novel by
The Warriors Movie Adaptation (2009 - 2011)
The year 2009 marks the 30th anniversary of the Paramount Pictures film classic, The Warriors, directed by Walter Hill, who later went on to direct 48 Hours, Last Man Standing, and the acclaimed series Deadwood. Now, for the first time, this movie phenomenon has been adapted into a thrilling graphic novel. The story chronicles one night in the
The Lone Ranger (Volume 4)
725 pages |
411.5 мegabytes

Keywords: The Lone Ranger The Lone Ranger comics 2006-2011
The Lone Ranger is the last survivor of a group of six Texas Rangers. He wears a mask to conceal his identity as he travels the West fighting for law and order. In September 2006 Dynamite Entertainment released their critically acclaimed new Lone Ranger comic series comprising 25 issues. This collection is a fitting place to start for those new
Vampirella vs. Dracula
234 pages |
139.4 мegabytes

Dracula has come to America to play out his timeless narrative in this brave, New World. Only he didn't realize ANOTHER vampire already beat him to it. Drawn to one another across continents and centuries by a mysterious force, both Vampirella and Bram Stoker's immortal monster find themselves sucked into a time-tossed epic of love, hate, death
Battlestar Galactica - Season Zero (0-12 series)
338 pages | 2007-2008 year
136.1 мegabytes

Keywords: Battlestar Galactica - Season Zero Battlestar Galactica - Season Zero comics
Written by Brandon Jerwa and penciled mainly by Jackson Herbert, this series chronicles the first mission of Galactica under the command of Commander William Adama, dealing with terrorism in the Twelve Colonies.
What If? Vol.9 #1-6 (2011)
6 issues pages |
170.9 мegabytes

X-Men the Manga (1-26 series)
26 comics pages |
550.3 мegabytes

Keywords: X-Men Manga manga comics X-Men the Manga collection X-Men X-Men comics
This is a manga inspired by its American counterpart produced for a Japanese audience. Marvel used this title as another attempt to break into the Japanese comic market (others being Spider-Man: The Manga and Hulk: The Manga in the 1970s). It borrowed stories from the first two seasons of the Fox Network's X-Men animated series. These are
Rare Bit Fiends (1-21 series)
21 comics pages |
439.6 мegabytes

Keywords: Roarin' Rick's Rare Bit Fiends 1994 collection comics
1995 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards - Nominee - Best New Series: (by Rick Veitch [King Hell])
What If? Vol.8 #1-5 (2010)
5 issues pages |
127.8 мegabytes

What If? Vol.7 #1-5 (2009)
5 issues pages |
93.1 мegabytes

What If? Vol.6 #1-6 (2008)
6 issues pages |
158.3 мegabytes

What If? Vol.5 #1-5 (2006-2007)
5 issues pages |
80.1 мegabytes

What If? Vol.4 #1-6 (2006)
6 issues pages |
92.7 мegabytes


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