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Berserk (Vol.1)
219 pages |
113 мegabytes

Gattsu, known as the Black Swordsman, seeks sanctuary from the demonic forces that persue himself and his woman, and also vengeance against the man who branded him as an unholy sacrifice. Aided only by his titanic strength, skill and sword, Gattsu must struggle against his bleak destiny, all the while fighting with a rage that might strip him of

Berserk (Vol.1)

Publisher: Manga
collection of manga 23.01.2013
384 pages |
100 мegabytes

One Piece 696 Bleach 524 Naruto 617 Detective Conan 844 Noblesse 268 Gantz 376 Gintama 430 Code: Breaker 207 Gamaran 173 Orange Marmalade 72 Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 169 Magi - Labyrinth of Magic 170 Cage of Eden 185 Hokenshitsu no Shinigami 63 The Breaker: New Waves 102 Baby Steps 155 History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi 506 Fairy Tail 315
Naruto 616 NEW
25 pages |
4.23 мegabytes

Naruto 616 - Sage Mode and Kyuubi

Naruto 616 NEW

Publisher: Manga
One Piece 695 NEW
22 pages |
4.8 мegabytes

Keywords: One-Piece One Piece 695 Download One Piece One Piece 695 free
Chapter 695 is called "Leave It to Me!".
One Piece volume 31 chapter 286-295
182 pages |
43.85 мegabytes

Volume 31: I'm Right Here The true history of the Shanadians and the Skypieans comes to light. A dream that was never fulfilled, friends that never met before, hearts broken, this is what formed Skypiea into the war zone it is today. Only one thing can cure this: The Ringing of the Skypiean Bell. Luffy stands strong against Enel one final time.
One Piece volume 30 chapter 276-285
185 pages |
44.62 мegabytes

Volume 30: Capriccio Enel brings forth his strongest weapon, the storm maker Maxim. With this powerful weapon, and with his lightning abilities, he prepares to destroy all of Skypiea. Even Luffy, who fights with all he has, is taken down. Who will stop Enel?
One Piece volume 29 chapter 265-275
226 pages |
63.46 мegabytes

Volume 29: Oratorio Even more, the battles rage on. More people fall to Enel's cruel game, and Enel's true plans start to surface.
One Piece volume 28 chapter 256-264
184 pages |
35.37 мegabytes

Volme 28: "Bersrker" Wiper The battles continue in Skypiea. Enel has started a Game in which only five survivors will make it in the end. As the Game continues, more and more people fall to the war and to Enel. Will Enel's prediction come true?
One Piece volume 27 chapter 247-255
185 pages |
38.9 мegabytes

Volume 27: Overture Before facing off against Enel, however, the Mugiwaras must get to him. Five priests stand in their way and it's up to the Mugiwaras to defeat them!
One Piece volume 26 chapter 237-246
195 pages |
40.17 мegabytes

Volume 26: Adventure on God's Island The Mugiwaras land in Skypiea, a place full of adventures! However, they quickly discover that the sky island is being ruled over a self-proclaimed God, Enel. This man has stirred up a war between natives and Skypieans, and, in the end, is planning to destroy everyone. The Mugiwaras set off to find this "God"
One Piece volume 25 chapter 227-236
184 pages |
35.34 мegabytes

Volume 25: The One Hundred Million Man Luffy and his crew learn of an island in the sky, Skypiea! Determined to get there, they set off for Jaya for more information. However, first, Luffy has to protect a new friend. Afterwards, with knowledge of how to get to Skypiea, Luffy and his crew ride the Knock-Up Stream, heading for Skyiea!
One Piece volume 24 chapter 217-226
184 pages |
34.73 мegabytes

Volume 24: A Person's Dream The Mugiwaras set sail from Alabasta, leaving the country in peace. However, one of the Boroque Works agents hitches a ride. It's none other than Crocodile's right hand woman, Nico Robin. After asking to join the crew, Luffy accepts without another word, saying that she is a good person. Later, they run into some
One Piece volume 23 chapter 206-216
209 pages |
44.59 мegabytes

Volume 23: Vivi's Adventure While Luffy goes into the tomb for his final fight with Crocodile, the rest of the crew come across some terrible news. There is a bomb in the city, and it will destroy the entire city any minute! In the end, however, the bomb is stopped and Luffy, with all of his power, takes down the Shichibukai Crocodile. The nation
One Piece volume 22 chapter 196-205
186 pages |
36.62 мegabytes

Volume 22: Hope!! Luffy fails to defeat Crocodile, and Crocodile rushes to the tomb of the Sand Clan where his right hand woman, Nico Robin, awaits. His plan lies in taking not only the nation, but also a carefully guarded weapon! It's up to Luffy to save not only Alabasta, but perhaps the world.
One Piece volume 21 chapter 187-195
174 pages |
35.55 мegabytes

Volume 21: Utopia After Zoro, Nami, and Sanji finish their rough battles with Baroque, it's all up to Luffy to finish off Crocodile in the end.
One Piece volume 20 chapter 177-186
192 pages |
38.90 мegabytes

Volume 20: The Final Battle Will Be In Alubarna The Final battle comes underway! Luffy runs off to face Crocodile as his crew prepares to take on Crocodile's main agents. Usopp and Chopper take off against the Number 4 pair, and amazingly end up on top. However, even worse troubles are just around the corner.
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