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» » Fairy Tail v19 c153-160 + Special
Fairy Tail v19 c153-160 + Special

Fairy Tail v19 c153-160 + Special

Publisher: Manga
Pictures: 175
Language: English
Size: 43.9 mb.

Keywords: Fairy Tail Natsu manga might Fairy Lucy
The highlights of this manga start off with Nirvana being revealed to be marching on Cait Shelter due to the founders of that guild being the descendants of the original creators of Nirvana, who still have the power to seal the weapon back up. Jellal and Erza encounter Midnight, who quickly defeats Jellal, and who gives Erza a beating. However, she's able to analyze Midnight's seemingly unstoppable magic and find a way to turn the tide, forcing Midnight to transform himself, though it is of no avail to Erza, who defeats Midnight. With Jura defeating Brain, Brain's skull staff, Kurodoa, announces that Oraci??n Seis's master, Zero, is Brain's other persona. Zero quickly takes down Natsu, Gray, and others, wanting to wipe out everything in sight.шаблоны для dle 11.2