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» » Bomb Queen (30 series) 2012
Bomb Queen (30 series) 2012

Bomb Queen (30 series) 2012

Publisher: Other
Pictures: 750
Language: English
Size: 383.84 mb.

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Comics "Bomb queen" was born into the world by the American author and artist Jimmy Robinson, who came up with this villainous character. Bomb Queen - villain, completely ruling the city of New Port City, and killed local superheroes. She dictator horror of honest citizens and authority to gangsters. And in the past much, because Bomb Queen destroyed all superheroes in New Port City, and declared the city the land free of the characters. Not surprisingly, the New Port, a magnet for criminals from around the country, here they have a place to roam.
Comic series begins with shocking scenes. Bomb Queen is interviewed live on the famous television. We understand that it is ruled by the city, even the air is right and left is killing people, sometimes doing it without reason. However, soon there is someone who can give her a call. It seems that in New Port City, a new hero ...
Comics on Bomb Queen made in the "pale", serious tones. Even the picture in which many seemingly bright colors - still look like "washed out." Personally, I do a color scheme reminded some comics about Batman. I think it was due to this style of comics of Bomb Queen look, at first glance, a very serious, even though they have a lot of black humor.
Also necessary to consider that comics of Bomb Queen - are graphic stories out of the "adults only." Here you will see a lot of violence and massacres, a lot of foul language, a lot of nudity - the most "Queen explosions" very frank suit, and from time to time it is partially out of it "get out." Overall, however, this is a very interesting story about the adventures of one particular American superzlodeyki.
Comics "Bomb queen" - this is reading for a few nights, and entertainment for fans of the "hard" comics. If you like these stories - have a go.шаблоны для dle 11.2