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» » Jim Butcher (16 comics) 2008-2012
Jim Butcher (16 comics) 2008-2012

Jim Butcher (16 comics) 2008-2012

Publisher: Dynamite / Collections
Pictures: 480
Language: English
Size: 321.51 mb.

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Jim Butcher - American author and screenwriter, best-selling author in the genres of fantasy, science fiction, detective, thriller and mystery. He is also the author of the graphic novel (comic book collections), created after his main book series "Dresden Files", the plot of the first book of which was also released self-titled series. Comics by plot Jim Butcher originally from 2008 produced by studio "Dabel brothers", and from 2010 began to produce "Dynamite Entertainment", with the Dabel Brothers were the main consultants. Artists studios and directors involved in design of comics, did their best, and as a result of the drawings and coloring are as good as the comics studio "Marvel"шаблоны для dle 11.2