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Madman (Volume 1) 2008

20 January 2013
Madman (Volume 1) 2008

Zane Townsend was an agent of a secret organization of three-Ai. He died in a car accident, after which his body was to piece together and brought back to life two scientists Egon Boyffard and Gillespie Flem. Resurrecting the hero ponostyu lost his memory, and therefore Boyffard decided to name it in honor of their idols: Frank Sinatra and Albert Einstein. After the procedure, Frank appeared reflexes in excess of men, and in addition, he has gained some psychic abilities, which he is not always able to control. His suit is based on a single memory from a past life - the hero comics Mr. Excitement.
Madman as a super-heroics is not like anything else. She too acidity and without any pretense to seriousness or pathos (which is the last arc in which the characters give his first rock concert on the dark side of the moon). Yet, sometimes it rises quite philosophically interesting questions.скачать dle 10.3фильмы бесплатно
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Madman (Volume 1) 2008 Madman (Volume 1) 2008 Madman (Volume 1) 2008 Madman (Volume 1) 2008 Madman (Volume 1) 2008
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