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Grimm Universe #4 (2013)

14-03-2013, 11:48

Download Grimm Universe #4 (2013) Category: Zenescope

Format: CBR
Pictures: 49
Language: English
Size: 38,6 Mb.

This new bi-monthly series features characters from the Grimm Universe in never before told stories. Issue #4 ties directly into the 2012 annual and the Grimm Angel One-Shot. As the Flesh Reavers descend on the people of earth an unlikely alliance forms between a trio of Highborns who have only recently discovered their powers. In order to save the humans they defend...and themselves...they'll have to master their powers in the heat of a life or death battle without any margin for error.


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Grimm Universe #4 (2013) Grimm Universe #4 (2013) Grimm Universe #4 (2013) Grimm Universe #4 (2013) Grimm Universe #4 (2013)
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