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Insiders (1-3 series)

Insiders (1-3 series)

Publisher: Other / Collections
Pictures: 3 comics
Language: English
Size: 93.5 mb.

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Insiders 01 - Chechen Guerrilla
They are businessmen, politicians or first-rate financiers??
But many of them are only the visible cogs of a vast worldwide mafia, its activities hidden underground but its fa?ade increasingly legal??

Insiders 02 - Missiles for Islamabad
Najah Cruz has infiltrated the entourage of Sam Nachez, head of the international organised-crime ring known as the High Council. She??s an insider, working directly for the White House. And she??s been cut off from her bosses.

Insiders 03 - The Afghan Trap
Captured by neo-Taliban tribesmen along with French businessman Cordez, Najah is taken to Pashtun territory. Sam Nachez is looking for her, and French Intelligence are looking for Cordez, but none of them know precisely who took her or why. Nor do they know that Najah isn??t one to miss an opportunity to escape. Chance encounters, tribal politics, international finance?? The justifications for Project Insider keep piling up??as do the threats to its only agent.шаблоны для dle 11.2

Insiders (1-3 series) Insiders (1-3 series) Insiders (1-3 series) Insiders (1-3 series) Insiders (1-3 series)