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Keywords: Manifestations Manifestations comics
Digital-Only Comixology Exclusive! Alice Rackham is a quiet, shy girl of ten who, within her tiny frame, holds a powerful secret... if she concentrates hard enough she can reach into "the dark place" and return the spirits she finds there back to the land of the living. Sometimes, it's a recently passed loved one or pet she finds... but other


Publisher: Other
American Wasteland
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Keywords: American Wasteland American Wasteland comics
Truck driver Cletus McCoy only wants one thing: to get back home and save his Mama from a fate worse than death. But, in a world crumbling into a vampire apocalypse, that is easier said than done. Cletus will have to truck his way through an emerging nation of bloodthirsty monsters hell-bent on making him supper. Guns, guts, and a boy named
Invincible Vol. 7 Threes Company (2008)
163 pages |
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Keywords: Invincible Vol. 7 Threes Company Invincible comics
On a trip to Africa, Mark finds himself torn between two lives: his normal life with his girlfriend Amber and his super-hero life with good friend Atom Eve. Decisions, decisions... Also in this volume: Angstrom Levy makes his move and the truth about ROBOT is revealed!
Grandville Mon Amour (2010)
104 pages |
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Keywords: Grandville Mon Amour Grandville Mon Amour comics
Convicted psychotic killer and extremist fanatic Edward "Mad Dog" Mastock violently escapes the guillotine's blade in the Tower of London to once again terrorize the Socialist Republic of Britain. But dogging Mastock's bloody footsteps is his longtime adversary and nemesis, Detective Inspector Archie LeBrock, at odds with Scotland Yard and intent
Viking - The Long Cold Fire (2010)
136 pages |
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Keywords: Viking - The Long Cold Fire Viking comics
Collects VIKING #1-5 plus a bonus cover gallery! The most violent criminal underworld in history! Finn and Egil, brothers - one bad, one worse - are trying to stab and steal their way to a seat at the table. Two men at war with the world around them. But today's the day the world fights back. From the writer of The Cross Bronx comes a crime book
Uptight #1-4 (2006-2011) Complete
4 Issues pages |
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Keywords: Uptight Uptight comics
From the creator of the acclaimed graphic novel The Clouds Above! Split evenly among three stories, each issue of Uptight includes two self-contained short stories, plus a chapter from Crane's next graphic novel, "Keeping Two." Featuring 20 pages plus covers by one of comics' most exciting voices. "Luscious... elegant... I fairly swooned."
The Nearly Complete Essential Hembeck Archives Omnibus (2008)
865 pages |
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Keywords: The Nearly Complete Essential Hembeck Archives Omnibus
The Near Complete Essential Hembeck Archives Omnibus is a massive collection covering cartoonist Fred Hembeck's past three decades of work. All seven of his early eighties collections - Bah, Hembeck, The Hembeck Files, et al - are included, as well as rarely seen strips, personal commissions, online pieces, holiday cards, assorted oddities, and
New York T01 - Resurrection (2010)
55 pages |
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Keywords: New York New York comics
A new Minx graphic novel from acclaimed writer Brian Wood (DEMO, DMZ)! Just starting her freshman year at NYU, Riley is about to find out what an adventure - and a mystery - living in New York City can be. The ultimate insider's guide to NYC is seen through the eyes of Brooklyn-born Riley. Raised by stuffy, literati parents, Riley's a shy,
La Schiava 03
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Keywords: La Schiava La Schiava comics
free download La Schiava 03

La Schiava 03

Publisher: Other
Sherlock Holmes - The Red Death
51 pages |
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Keywords: Sherlock Holmes - The Red Death Sherlock Holmes comics
A man is found lying outside Sherlock Holmes' front door. He begs Holmes to save him from the 'Red Leech'. What can the Red Leech be? Holmes' and Watson's investigation introduces them to the gambling fraternity, a Russian Grand Duke and many others. They even start hearing voices ...! Who is behind it all? Can it be Holmes' arch-enemy, Moriarty?
It was the War of the Trenches (2011)
World War I, that awful, gaping wound in the history of Europe, has long been an obsession of Jacques Tardi??s. (His very first-rejected-comics story dealt with the subject, as does his most recent work, the two-volume Putain de Guerre.) But It Was the War of the Trenches is Tardi??s defining, masterful statement on the subject, a graphic nov
Bernet - Clara After Dark - 07
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Keywords: Bernet - Clara After Dark Bernet - Clara After Dark comics
Mainly it is a comedy book, but with the occasional dose of social realism that quite clearly contrasts and offset the humor in the book, nicely balancing out the books.
Bernet - Clara After Dark - 06
103 pages |
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Keywords: Bernet - Clara After Dark Bernet - Clara After Dark comics
Mainly it is a comedy book, but with the occasional dose of social realism that quite clearly contrasts and offset the humor in the book, nicely balancing out the books.
Superior #1-7 (2010-2012) Complete
7 Issues pages |
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Keywords: Superior Superior comics
Simon Pooni had it all going for him - plenty of friends at school and good looks, and his coach called him one of the most talented basketball players he's ever seen. But that was when he could still move his legs. Now, he's living with multiple sclerosis, missing all the little things he used to take for granted, and escaping into the world of
Astounding Science Fiction
one of the most influential American magazine fiction in the history of science fiction as a separate branch of commercial literature.
Love As a Foreign Language 005
The actor Michael Tucker and his wife, the actress Jill Eikenberry, having sent their last child off to college, were vacationing in Italy when they happened upon a small cottage nestled in the Umbrian countryside. The three-hundred-and-fifty-year-old Rustico sat perched on a hill in the verdant Spoleto valley amid an olive grove and fruit trees

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