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Creepy Archives - Volume 07 (2010)
258 pages |
168 мegabytes

Keywords: Creepy Archives comics Creepy Archives 2010
Creepy Archives Volume 7 collects a fascinating array of stories from the second great generation of artists and writers in the history of the world's best illustrated horror magazine. As the 1960s ended and the '70s began, the original, classic creative lineup for Creepy was eventually infused with a slew of new talent, with phenomenal new
Creepy Archives - Volume 06 (2010)
298 pages |
199 мegabytes

Keywords: Creepy Archives Creepy Archives comics 2010
Dark Horse Comics continues to showcase its dedication to publishing the greatest comics of all time with the release of the sixth spooky volume of the Creepy magazine archives. This collection of legendary yarns includes selections from revered writers Archie Goodwin and Harlan Ellison among others, and groundbreaking artistic contributions from
Creepy Archives - Volume 05 (2010)
234 pages |
149 мegabytes

Keywords: Creepy Archives Creepy Archives comics 2012 comics
Enter a world of the finest in scary storytelling and dazzling artwork! Creepy Archives Volume 5 continues the critically acclaimed series that throws back the dusty curtain on a treasure trove of amazing comics art and brilliantly blood-chilling stories. From the gorgeously painted full-color covers to the exquisite black-and-white interiors,
Creepy Archives - Volume 04 (2009)
242 pages |
155 мegabytes

Keywords: Creepy Archives Creepy Archives comics 2009
Pulpy, smart, and scary, the stories in Creepy constituted some of the best short-form horror fiction ever told in comics. With legendary comics writer/editor Archie Goodwin both editing the magazine and crafting most of its storytelling, Creepy was at once a newsstand favorite with fright fans, and a vaunted showcase of fine comics art for
Creepy Archives (Volume 3) 2009
288 pages |
184.6 мegabytes

Keywords: Creepy Archives Creepy Archives Creepy Archives comics 2009
Fans of horror comics and jaw-dropping artwork, rejoice! Dark Horse Comics continues to showcase their dedication to bringing you the highest quality horror comics ever made with this third blood-curdling collection of Warren Publishing's groundbreaking horror magazine Creepy. This landmark archive series brings readers, for the first time ever,
Creepy Archives (Volume 2) 2008
297 pages |
187.7 мegabytes

Keywords: Creepy Archives Creepy Archives Creepy Archives comics 2008
This vein-chilling second volume showcases work by some of the best artists to ever work in the comics medium, including Alex Toth, Gray Morrow, Reed Crandall, John Severin, and others. Each archive volume of Creepy is packed with stories (usually up to eight short stories were featured in every issue!) running the gamut of gruesome subject
Creepy Archives (Volume 1) 2008
250 pages |
160.3 мegabytes

Keywords: Creepy Archives Creepy Archives Creepy Archives comics 2008
Gather up your wooden stakes, your blood-covered hatchets, and all the skeletons in the darkest depths of your closet, and prepare for a horrifying adventure into the darkest corners of comics history. Dark Horse Comics further corners the market on high-quality horror storytelling with one of the most anticipated releases of the decade - a
2000 AD (796-865 series)
69 comics pages |
1998 мegabytes

Keywords: 2000 AD 2000 AD comics collection 2000 AD Rebellion Garth Ennis Judge Dredd Dredd
2000 AD is a weekly British anthology of science - fiction comics. Each issue is a collection of separate stories each issue (known as the "Progs"). The first edition was published February 26, 1977 published by IPC Magazines. The famous and incredibly long British anthology comic 2000 AD, gave the world one of the most brutal and the "right"
Lobster Johnson - The Burning Hand
129 pages |
100 мegabytes

Keywords: Lobster Johnson - The Burning Hand Lobster Johnson comics
Lobster Johnson was a vigilante who worked in secret in New York City during the 1930s. Although the public believes that The Lobster was only the hero of pulp serials and comics, he was a real man who faced gangsters as well as paranormal threats. The Lobster had a reputation for violence, such as killing mobsters and burning his trademark
B.P.R.D. - The Black Goddess (1-5 series) Complete
121 pages |
117 мegabytes

Keywords: 2009 B.P.R.D.: The Black Goddess comics 2009
Number 52 in the B.P.R.D. Series. At the turn of the twentieth century, a British museum curator with a bent for the occult traveled east in search of power and immortality. He was never heard from again. In 1937, masked crimefighter The Lobster faced a magic-wielding madman bent on fulfilling an apocalyptic prophecy. The plans were foiled, and
Syn (1-5 series)
5 comics pages |
125.6 мegabytes

Keywords: Syn Syn comics download Syn Dark Horse Dark Horse Syn 2003
??omplete collection of comics publisher Dark Horse - Son. The collection was released in 2003 and consists of 5 series
Creepy (1-10 series)
10 comics pages |
302.9 мegabytes

Keywords: Creepy Creepy comics Dark Horse Creepy Dark Horse 2009 2012
In Creepy started many leading artists and writers of horror fiction thriller and black. Many plots are recognizable by his famous movies filmed and written best-sellers. A wide variety of topics, and in the advertising pages - brochures games and collectible miniatures of those years.
Star Wars - Legacy (Volume 1) 0-50 series
51 issues pages | 2006.2010 year
710 мegabytes

Keywords: Star Wars - Legacy Star Wars comics 2006-2010
Star Wars: Legacy is a comic book series written by John Ostrander, primarily pencilled and co-scripted by Jan Duursema, and inked by Dan Parsons. Published by Dark Horse Comics, Legacy's first issues were released in June 2006 following Dark Horse's revamp of its Star Wars line earlier in the year. Its initial tagline was "All new Sith Order! All
Sin City - The Hard Goodbye
175 pages |
19 мegabytes

Keywords: Sin City - The Hard Goodbye Sin City comics
"The Hard Goodbye" is the first Sin City story. It was serialised, as "Sin City," in the comics anthology Dark Horse Presents by Dark Horse Comics and named "The Hard Goodbye" in the trade paperbacks. It was created by Frank Miller, and led to a metaseries that has been adapted into a number of films. The comic was first published as "Sin City" in
Fear Agent Vol.6 - Out of Step
140 pages |
189 мegabytes

Keywords: Fear Agent Vol.6 - Out of Step Fear Agent comics 2012
The final tale of the last Fear Agent! Heath Huston is the only remaining human in a universe that has been totally amalgamated by Tetaldian robotic conquerors. As the Tetaldians continue to hunt him, Heath uncovers the history of the robot hordes and their secret co conspirators. The odds stacked higher than ever, his body aged and broken, he''s

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