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Creepy (1-10 series)
10 comics pages |
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Keywords: Creepy Creepy comics Dark Horse Creepy Dark Horse 2009 2012
In Creepy started many leading artists and writers of horror fiction thriller and black. Many plots are recognizable by his famous movies filmed and written best-sellers. A wide variety of topics, and in the advertising pages - brochures games and collectible miniatures of those years.
Star Wars - Legacy (Volume 1) 0-50 series
51 issues pages | 2006.2010 year
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Keywords: Star Wars - Legacy Star Wars comics 2006-2010
Star Wars: Legacy is a comic book series written by John Ostrander, primarily pencilled and co-scripted by Jan Duursema, and inked by Dan Parsons. Published by Dark Horse Comics, Legacy's first issues were released in June 2006 following Dark Horse's revamp of its Star Wars line earlier in the year. Its initial tagline was "All new Sith Order! All
Sin City - The Hard Goodbye
175 pages |
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Keywords: Sin City - The Hard Goodbye Sin City comics
"The Hard Goodbye" is the first Sin City story. It was serialised, as "Sin City," in the comics anthology Dark Horse Presents by Dark Horse Comics and named "The Hard Goodbye" in the trade paperbacks. It was created by Frank Miller, and led to a metaseries that has been adapted into a number of films. The comic was first published as "Sin City" in
Fear Agent Vol.6 - Out of Step
140 pages |
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Keywords: Fear Agent Vol.6 - Out of Step Fear Agent comics 2012
The final tale of the last Fear Agent! Heath Huston is the only remaining human in a universe that has been totally amalgamated by Tetaldian robotic conquerors. As the Tetaldians continue to hunt him, Heath uncovers the history of the robot hordes and their secret co conspirators. The odds stacked higher than ever, his body aged and broken, he''s
Avatar The Last Airbender - The Lost Adventures
246 pages |
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Keywords: Avatar The Last Airbender Avatar comics
One of America's hottest shows returns! For three years, millions of eager fans tuned in each week to watch Nickelodeon's hit animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Ever since, fans have been hungry for more - and now their wait is finally over! This volume collects the long-out-of-print, fan-favorite comics previously published in
Predator - Dark River (1996)
98 pages |
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Keywords: Predator - Dark River Predator comics
Predator: Dark River was a four-part miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics from July-Oct. 1996. The series was written by Mark Verheiden and drawn by Ron Randall. It was inked by Rick Magyar and colored by David Nestelle, Steve Mattsson, and John Hanan III. Cover art was provided by Miran Kim, and the series was edited by Bob Cooper and Philip
Aliens - Female War (1996)
100 pages |
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Keywords: Aliens - Female War Aliens comics
Billie only wanted what all children want -- the warmth and security of family, the human connectedness that comes from belonging. What she got was a nightmare without end. Dark Horse is proud to present the third volume in the remastered Aliens series, Aliens: Female War. Written by The Mask screenplay writer Mark Verheiden and illustrated by The
Rage (1-3 series)
3 comics pages |
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Keywords: Rage Rage comics Rage collection Dark Horse Rage Dark Horse 2011
Earth is destroyed after a collision with an asteroid, and only a small part of the population survived in the ark of life support. When he came to, they find themselves in a wasteland controlled by a global military dictatorship called the Board. But salvation has been found that the Board's lying to her and the other survivors about how the
Exile to Babylon 03 (of 04) (2013)
24 pages |
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Keywords: Exile to Babylon Exile to Babylon comics 2013 babylon
The second series of comics Exile to Babylon from the publisher Dark Horse 2013 issue
Tales of the Vampires
136 pages |
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Keywords: Tales of the Vampires Tales of the Vampires comics
Tales of the Vampires is a five issue American comic book limited series (later collected in a single trade paperback), published by Dark Horse Comics and set in the Buffyverse. It comprises an anthology of short stories written by Joss Whedon, Jane Espenson, Ben Edlund, and Drew Goddard. Each story tells the tale of one or more Buffyverse
MySpace Dark Horse Presents
Dark Horse Presents was revived online through the social networking website MySpace. The first issue of MDHP featured new talents as well as well-known writers like Joss Whedon and Ron Marz. MDHP ran from August 2007 to July 2010, a total of thirty-six issues which were collected in six trade paperbacks
Age of Reptiles - The Journey (1 - 4)
117 pages |
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Keywords: Age of Reptiles - The Journey Age of Reptiles comics
Dawn breaks over a sprawling forest in Cretaceous North America -- a dawn far colder than its peaceful, forest-dwelling herbivores are used to. The seasons are changing, and it's time for the able-bodied to migrate south. But the trek is a dangerous one even when massive herds band together, for while there is safety in numbers, numbers also draw
Star Wars: Dark Times - Fire Carrier #1
Publisher Dark Horse is launching another comic stories from the popular series Star Wars: Dark Times called Star Wars: Dark Times - Fire Tsarer. The new series will consist of five issues, and events in history will take place between the dark times of the two major Star Wars trilogy, and will focus on the Jedi Master K'Kruhk
Willow #4
Another series of comics Willow (4 series) from the publisher Dark Horse comics

Willow #4

Publisher: Dark Horse
Hellboy in Hell #3
After saving the world in a storm and fury, but sacrificing itself and for the honor of Great Britain, Hellboy is dead and thrown into Hell, where he finds a lot of familiar faces, and the throne, who was waiting for him.
Colder #4
Declan Thomas' body temperature drops. He had never been sick and did not feel the pain, as a former patient at a mental hospital, which destroyed by fire. Declan I have an uncanny ability to get into other people's madness, and sometimes save a person from it. He hopes that one day he will recover, but his time is over. If the temperature drops

Colder #4

Publisher: Dark Horse

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