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» » Hellblazer (Series 101-200 of ?)
Hellblazer (Series 101-200 of ?)

Hellblazer (Series 101-200 of ?)

Publisher: DC / Collections
Pictures: ~3000
Language: English
Size: 779.19 mb.

Keywords: Hellblazer DC
The main character - a Briton, a magician John Constantine, a chain smoker, a swindler who commits acts for the greater good (which is debatable), and with dubious morality. Usually cunning and deceiving, and often in the process it is making more enemies than winning. Despite the fact that sometimes Constantine fights to save humanity, he still remains a manipulator and generally the person with whom friendship is dangerous, as the life and soul of the people next to him is always at risk of involvement in his misadventures. The souls of dead friends pursue him, individually or in the context of other ghosts.
For explanation of the plot of several issues of comics (# # 41-46 "Dangerous habits") by director Francis Lawrence at Warner Brothers studio for the film "Constantine" (in the Russian hire - "Constantine"). Premiered in 2005, starred as John Constantine Keanu Reeves. Subsequently, based on the film was released comic book adaptation, and video game.
Additional interest, especially for experienced komiksomanov, comics given by frequent changes in the composition of the authors (artists and writers), in connection with which the issues of the different periods can be found completely different style of pictureшаблоны для dle 11.2