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The Colonized #4
28 pages | 2013 year
39 мegabytes

Keywords: The Colonized By Dave Sim Chris Ryall Drew Moss Carbon Falls 2013

The Colonized #4

Publisher: IDW
Banshee - Extended Edition
71 pages | 2013 year
62 мegabytes

Keywords: Banshee - Extended Edition Banshee Extended Edition IDW 2013
The X-Files - Season 10 #2
28 pages | 2013 year
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Keywords: The X-Files Season 10 X-Files X-Files Season 10
The X-Files - a comic book series, published by IDW comics by the eponymous television series Chris Carter.
Dinosaurs Attack #1
33 pages | 2013 year
144.9 мegabytes

Keywords: Dinosaurs Attack Dinosaurs Attack
Well, Mars is attacked, now it is the turn of Dinosaurs. Another series of trading cards will move in comics IDW. Responsible for it will be Gary Gerani (Gary Gerani), Earl Norem (Earl Norem), Trimpi Herb (Herb Trimpe) and George Freeman (George Freeman). DINOSAURS ATTACK! is an exciting story about the chaos, where the fierce prehistoric animals
Transformers - Monstrosity #11
10 pages | 2013 year
11.6 мegabytes

Keywords: Transformer Monstrosity Transformers Monstrosity
In the early days of the war on CYBERTRON, OPTIMUS PRIME puts everything on the line to unify the planet-but not everyone agrees that this new Prime should be in charge... Meanwhile, the fallen DECEPTION leader, MEGATRON, begins a journey that will change everything. Plus what is the terrible secret of the DINOBOTS? All this and more in the first
Half Past Danger #3
31 pages | 2013 year
43.5 мegabytes

Keywords: Half Past Danger Half Past Danger comics Half Past Danger
Here's a ten-page preview of the first issue; due in stores tomorrow. The issue is 27 story-pages in length, plus back-up material, and no ads. Variant cover by the mighty Tommy Lee Edwards! DAMES. DINOSAURS. DANGER. Summer, 1943, and in the midst of a war waged by monsters, Staff Sergeant Tommy ???Irish' Flynn never expected to encounter a real
Transformers - Regeneration One #93
31 pages | 2013 year
13.9 мegabytes

Keywords: Transformers Regeneration One Transformers - Regeneration One
Original comics universe Generation One returned after 20 years break! On Cybertron world for 21 years, but whether it be fixed? Continuation of the history of Marvel IDW will include twenty issues (81-100), and in July of this year will be released once a month. Great too, that it is under all the same people, including Furman. Here is a preview
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Micro Series (1-8 series) complete
8 issues pages | 2011-2012 year
187.5 мegabytes

Keywords: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Micro Series tmnt
Connoisseurs know that the original TMNT-style does not look like something that used to "ordinary people". Initially the comic was grim. Permanent night reigned supreme on the pages, staring blindly at us sewer manholes and broken glass windows uninhabited lower floors. Permanent night, constant darkness, constant mud. It is not just the wrong
Godzilla #13
25 pages | 2013 year
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Keywords: Godzilla Godzilla comics
Godzilla - a giant lizard, cartoon characters, cartoons and movies. Godzilla - is a fictional prehistoric giant lizard, awakened from hibernation after the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, and because of this mutant. Godzilla like Spinozavra growth of over 100 meters, has the ability to spew heat ray.

Godzilla #13

Publisher: IDW

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