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» » Punisher. In the blood (1 series)
Punisher. In the blood (1 series)

Punisher. In the blood (1 series)

Publisher: Marvel
Pictures: 32
Language: English
Size: 16.64 mb.

Keywords: Punisher comics marvel
While Norman Osborn, one of the most evil and powerful people in the world consider themselves untouchable Punisher dared to touch him a bullet.
Osborn sent for Frank felon with superpowers - the hood. Between them, the war of attrition.
Frank got help from a young hacker named Henry. Hood, in turn, with the infernal magic revives and takes on his side of the microchip, the man who helped Frank in his war for many years before he died. In exchange for his help Hood promised to return Microchip dead son back to life.
The conflict came to a boiling point when the hood with Microchip angrily repeated unholy ritual to resurrect his wife, son and daughter of the Punisher in his eyes. Necessary sacrifice served to fuel the magic life SHIELD agent 'and G. Bridge. Microchip has paid the price without hesitation.
But the Punisher is not the one with whom you could share. Overcome by rage, he singed the ritual room, sending his family and Microchip's son back to their graves.
Plans were foiled, but Hood did Frank parting gift: he told him that his assistant, Henry was actually the son of his old enemy, Billy Russo aka Jigsaw.
Consequently, Frank and Henry parted, but they reunited when Punisher needed help Henry.
Since I do not read a lot of the Punisher, you can not compare this series with others. We can say that for me there was new. But I got to wondering what would happen next.шаблоны для dle 11.2