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» » Magneto. Not a hero (series 1-4 of 4) 2012
Magneto. Not a hero (series 1-4 of 4) 2012

Magneto. Not a hero (series 1-4 of 4) 2012

Publisher: Marvel / Collections
Pictures: 94
Language: English
Size: 64.67 mb.

Keywords: Magneto comics marvel 2012
This series of 4 issue is devoted to one of the most controversial comic book villains of the world - Eric Lensheru, better known as Magneto.
As you know, Magneto has long made ​​peace with the people and joined the "People-X." Old quarrels are forgotten, because the mutant one goal - to survive (if you remember, after the events of "House M" in the world only a little more than 200 mutants). But something strange happened - on one of the assembly came antimutantskih someone dressed in his suit and wielding his own, and built there a massacre. Cap and Stark instantly got up at the bar and found Eric. But he denies and calls it a fake. He is given the opportunity to justify himself. Magneto learns that killing - the work of his clone Joseph returned to life Astra.
I will not reveal all the details of the plot, although, in fact, and there is a tie the whole plot. Com This is interesting, first of all the main character. For me personally, the most banal Magneto villain of all, normal and understandable reasons. Secondly - a decent picture. Characters and action scenes definitely succeeded.шаблоны для dle 11.2