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Avengers Vs. X-Men HD
759 pages |
920.6 мegabytes

Keywords: Avengers Vs. X-Men Avengers Vs. X-Men X-Men HD comics marvel 2012 comics
Welcome to the school after Jean Grey! Here you will find: Exciting Lessons to known mutants rooms, furnished with the latest technology, frequent excursions outside the school, fun and friendly atmosphere intrigues new members Hellfire Club!
Mystery Men (1-5 series)
5 comics pages |
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Keywords: Mystery Men Mystery Men marvel comics 2011
"We did a great job in trying to recreate the atmosphere of the time (the Great Depression) and at the same time to tell an interesting story, writing a new chapter in the Marvel Universe. Something went according to plan, but something has occurred in the creative process and seamlessly fit into the script, and in the end, I'm happy to get the
Civil War Chronicles. part 1
67 pages |
30 мegabytes

Civil War - a crossover event in the Marvel comics of seven parts, written by Mark Millar and drawn by Steve MakNivenom. History, published in 2006-2007., Partly based on previous events in Marvel, such as Avengers Disassembled, House of M, Decimation, and Secret War.
Incredible Hulk By Jason Aaron (Volume 1) HD
166 pages |
273.1 мegabytes

Keywords: Incredible Hulk Jason Aaron Vol.1 Incredible Hulk 2011 marvel comics
The story of Dr. Bruce Banner, who seeks a cure for his unusual "disease" that turns him during emotional stress in a giant green monster Hulk. While on the run from the army, seeking to seize it, Bruce almost finds a cure, but all their efforts are going to dust, when suddenly there is a new Hulk, incredibly strong opponent.
Ultimate Avengers vs. New Ultimates (1-6 series) HD
6 comics pages |
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Keywords: Ultimate Avengers New Ultimates 2011 comics marvel comics
Nick Fury received orders from the White House - Vice President asks for protection from the unknown creature. To perform an operation Fury recruiting new agents - Punisher (Frank Castle) and teacher Bruce Banner - First Hulk (Tyrone Cash). When you try to stop the criminal nezvestnogo turns it - Ghost Rider. Smart Hulk and go to the widow spider
Captain America Hail Hydra (1-5 series) HD
5 comics pages |
194.9 мegabytes

Keywords: Captain America Hail Hydra 2011 comics HD comics marvel
In the dark days of the early 1940s held secret military experiment, in which Steve Rogers became the first American super-soldier, Captain America. Throughout the war, Cap and his partner Bucky fought side by side with the infantry and with a group of heroes, known as the Invaders. According to British sources, Captain America and Bucky were
Avengers The Origin (2010) HD
125 pages |
112 мegabytes

Keywords: Avengers The Origin marvel comics 2010 comics HD comics
Collects Avengers: The Origin #1-5. The true story of the Avengers is revealed right here! See untold details of the historic first meeting of Thor, Iron Man, the Hulk, Ant-Man and the Wasp! You only THINK you know the full story.
Venom #28 (2013)
23 pages |
47.91 мegabytes

Keywords: Venom Marvel 2012

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