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Knuckleheads #2 (2013)
17 pages |
29.3 мegabytes

Keywords: Knuckleheads Boyd Mauer 2013 Knuckleheads comics
Trevor K. Trevinski and Lance Powers were ordinary roommates until aliens visited a massively hungover Trev and gave him The Crystal Fist -- a cosmic weapon that he can only seem to harness using videogame controllers and he only uses to cheat on video games and steal cable. But when a monster attacks the city, Trev must overcome his instinctive
Amelia Cole and the Unknown World (1-7 series) Complete
7 Issues pages |
211.9 мegabytes

Keywords: Monkeybrain Amelia Cole Unknown World comics free comics Amelia Cole comics 2012
Amelia Cole lives in two worlds -- literally. One runs on magic, the other built on technology. When the barriers between those worlds start to break down, Amelia and her aunt Dani must take extreme action. It's the start of whole new world in adventure, magic, and excitement as Amelia Cole steps forward to do what she knows it right, even when
High Crimes #1 (2013)
22 pages |
38.7 мegabytes

Keywords: free comics High Crimes High Crimes comcis Monkeybrain
With Haskell and Zan in possession of the severed right hand of the elusive Sullivan Mars, things are only going to get worse for them when the Strange Agents show up in Kathmandu, looking to tie up every loose end that threatens to spill a dead man's decades-old secrets.
High Crimes #3 (2013)
24 pages |
48 мegabytes

Keywords: 2013 free comcis High Crimes High Crimes comics
With Haskell and Zan in possession of the severed right hand of the elusive Sullivan Mars, things are only going to get worse for them when the Strange Agents show up in Kathmandu, looking to tie up every loose end that threatens to spill a dead man's decades-old secrets.
Kinski #1
23 pages |
25.9 мegabytes

Keywords: Kinski 2013 Kinski comics new Kinski download Kinski
download Kinski #1 comics

Kinski #1

Publisher: Monkeybrain
Artful Daggers #03 (2013)
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Amelia Cole and the Hidden War #1
17 pages |
21.8 мegabytes

Keywords: Amelia Cole Hidden War 2013 Amelia Cole and the Hidden War
download comics Amelia Cole and the Hidden War #1
Masks and Mobsters #7 (2013)
14 pages |
11.1 мegabytes

Keywords: Masks and Mobsters Masks and Mobsters comics free comics 2013
It should have just been a nice day in the park, but a meeting between two mobsters takes a twisted turn. Presenting a very different kind of comic that you have to pay attention to get the whole story.
Skybreaker #2 (2013)
21 pages |
40.1 мegabytes

Keywords: Skybreaker Skybreaker comics free comics 2013 comics
From the creator of Image's HOAX HUNTERS and newcomer Drew Zucker comes SKYBREAKER, a dark tale of revenge set in the Wild West. Skybreaker is a man of two worlds, half Sioux and half Christian. When these worlds clash, he is betrayed and left for dead--and now it's time for revenge. SKYBREAKER explores the violent roots of American life, and how
Spirit of the Law (1-2 series) Complete
t's the Great Depression, and Sammy Workman is lucky to have a job - even as a mob hitman! But when a hit goes wrong, Workman and his men find themselves stalked? by the paranormal vigilante they've accidentally created! You've seen plenty of superhero origins - now, see one from the villains' point of view! A two-part noir/pulp mashup from
Mask of the Red Panda #3 (2013)
Racketeers, gangsters, the occasional power-mad supervillain-- all have fallen before the iron resolve of the city's masked protectors. But when forces with powers from beyond this world threaten to bring their war to the streets of Depression-era Toronto, can even the Red Panda prevent disaster? Bringing to life characters from The Red Panda
Bandette #4 (2013)
22 pages |
40.7 мegabytes

Keywords: free comics Bandette comics Bandette Bandette comics 2013 comics
The adventures of Bandette, a young costumed ???artful dodger???, leader of a group of urchins dedicated to serving justice, except when thieving proves to be a bit more fun. The story of Bandette treads a thin line between Tintin and Nancy Drew, with a few costumes thrown in. Bandette and her crew at turns join forces and cross swords with the
Edison Rex (1-4 series) 2012 HD
4 Issues pages |
113.9 мegabytes

Keywords: 2012 comics Edison Rex Edison Rex comics free comics HD comics
Edison Rex is the smartest man in the world, a criminal genius, and the archnemesis of the world's greatest protector, Valiant. Having dedicated his life to defeating Valiant and proving once and for all that he is a menace to humanity and not a hero, what will Edison do once he finally succeeds? And with Valiant out of the way, who will be left
Theremin #1 (2013)
25 pages |
47.9 мegabytes

Keywords: Theremin Theremin comics free comics 2013 comics
Time travel is real and scientist/inventor Leon Theremin just discovered it. The journey from scientist to super spy is shorter than you think. It all starts here. The first chapter in the new series by Curt Pires, creator of the critically acclaimed "LP", and art sensation DALTON ROSE, the creator of "PHABULA" and artist of "SACRIFICE".
FROST - Rogue State #1 (2013)
22 pages |
40.5 мegabytes

Keywords: FROST - Rogue State FROST comics free comics 2013 comics
There are lies. There are secrets. And then, there's FROST. A rescue operation to recover an American asset from the heart of an Afghani warlord's stronghold turns into a deadly struggle for survival...and there's nowhere else Frost would rather be...

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