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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #24
28 pages | 2013 year
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Keywords: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Eastman Waltz Santalouco Pattison
They're back! Notorious four turtles back in a new series from IDW. Reader re-acquainted with April O'Neil, Baxter Stockman, Casey Jones, the mysterious Gen Krengom and new villain mutant cat named Old Imp. And while Green Quartet will first furious fight, we opened the first pieces of the puzzle of the origin of the Turtles.
Mass Effect - Foundation #1
24 pages | 2013 year
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Keywords: Mass Effect - Foundation Mass Effect Foundation
Dark Horse and BioWare announced a new comic Mass Effect: Foundation. In the main role is played by a girl, comics will develop stories about which we only slightly hinted at in the games. There will be 12 issues, says Mac Walters, lead writer of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3.
Jinnrise #6
26 pages | 2013 year
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Keywords: Jinnrise Jinnrise comics Jinnrise idw
International student Andrew Marcus' world is torn asunder when interstellar forces, the 'Kibrani,' invade earth. With all hope seemingly lost, humanity's last chance may be a long-despised and forgotten race: the Jinn (otherwise known as 'genies')! But are they our hope... or greatest fear? Combining the best of summer blockbuster fare and quest

Jinnrise #6

Publisher: IDW
Doctor Who - Prisoners of Time #7
27 pages | 2013 year
34.1 мegabytes

Keywords: Doctor Who Prisoners of Time Doctor Who Prisoners of Time
The first incarnation of the Doctor was played by William Hartnell. He remained Doctor for three seasons and the beginning of the fourth season. But due to health problems, he decided to leave the series, and his character is regenerated at the beginning of the fourth season of the Second Doctor. Second Doctor Patrick Troughton played by actor. He
Danger Girl Trinity #4
24 pages | 2013 year
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Keywords: Danger Girl Trinity Danger Girl Trinity
'It's three times the ACTION, three times the THRILLS, and three times the DANGER!!! Abbey, Sidney and Sonya embark on three different knuckle-clenching adventures, each an epic tale of intrigue and derring-do, and each drawn by a different fantastic artist-It's a triple-play of danger that will climax with the biggest surprise of the year!
Hero - 9 to 5 - Quietus #07
25 pages | 2013 year
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Teen Titans #22
19 pages | 2013 year
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Keywords: Teen Titans new Teen Titans Teen Titans
Someone is hunting for young heroes. And Robin is going to figure out what to secret organization of young heroes. There is not even a team, but it is already beginning to appear.

Teen Titans #22

Publisher: DC
Anti-Hero #02
13 pages | 2013 year
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Keywords: Anti-Hero Monkeybrain 2013
Constantine #5
23 pages | 2013 year
34.9 мegabytes

Keywords: Constantine dc Constantine download Constantine
John Constantine isn't a conventional hero--he lies, cheats, and manipulates others to get the job done. But for all his faults, he's the only one capable of saving the day after learning of information that could shake the DC Universe to its core.

Constantine #5

Publisher: DC
Gamma (One-Shot)
31 pages | 2013 year
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Keywords: Gamma Gamma comics Gamma dark horse Gamma One-Shot
Superman #22
21 pages | 2013 year
37.2 мegabytes

Keywords: Superman Superman new comic Superman
Superman is a fighter against the perpetrators. He is the representative of an alien civilization. His planet Krypton (Krypton) exploded, but the child had to put in a capsule and sent into space. In the end, he was on the earth. Superman wearing tights red and blue colors and with a huge letter ?S? chest. No weapon he was not scared. It c

Superman #22

Publisher: DC
Lobster Johnson - A Scent of Lotus #1
29 pages | 2013 year
45 мegabytes

Keywords: Lobster Johnson a Scent of Lotus Lobster Johnson Scent of Lotus
In many ways, Lobster Johnson reminds me of pulp character shadows, with a few operatives who keep him informed as he investigates a series of mysterious deaths. At this time the deaths are associated with the couriers to Chinese organized crime group known as the Tong. But even when Lobster Johnson examines murder-ones that Tong themselves unable
Plants vs. Zombies - Lawnmageddon #3
17 pages | 2013 year
26.8 мegabytes

Keywords: Plants vs. Zombies Lawnmageddon Plants vs. Zombies Lawnmageddon Zombies
Zombies are invading your home, and want to take your brain! Fortunately, you have your arsenal of plants to defend you. Plants vs. Zombies! Armed with a garden full of peashooters, melon-paults iCherri bombs, you have to think quickly and correctly the plants that-be to stop the invasion zombi.Perekroy way dead in all directions.