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Astonishing X-Men #62 (2013)
The X-Men are going to star in its composition: Cyclops, Emma Frost, Wolverine, Ghost Cat and the Beast. Their goal - to revive Xavier Institute and nurture new generation of mutants. But life brings them the most difficult test in the history of the legendary team ...
Groom Lake (1-4 series) Compete
4 Issues pages |
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Keywords: Groom Lake Groom comics free comics 2009 idw
Under long withered Groom Lake, in one of the many remote deserts of Nevada, is a secret database that contains all the secrets of the world. Not the world in which we live. Traces of his father Karl Bauer disappeared a year ago, when he was just out to buy a pack of cigarettes. Before reaching the stall, he was abducted by aliens, eventually
Pickman's Model (one-shots) 2012
90 pages |
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Another sketch of ghouls from H.P. Lovecraft??s Pickman??s Model. The real title of this piece, of course, should be ???Holmes, Lowell and Longfellow Lie Buried in Mount Auburn???; those who??ve read the story will get the joke. Mount Auburn Cemetery actually looks pretty beautiful, and I ought to visit it the next time I??m in New England
Collection DC Comics - The New 52 (08.05.2013, week 19)
Collection DC Comics for 08.05.2013 (19 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. Injustice: Gods Among Us #17 2. Arrow #31 3. BATMAN #20 4. BATMAN AND ROBIN #20 5. CONSTANTINE #3 6. DEATHSTROKE #20 7. DEMON KNIGHTS #20 8. GREEN LANTERN CORPS #20 9. JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #3 10. KATANA #4 11. SUICIDE SQUAD #20 12. SUPERBOY #20 13. TEAM 7
Grim Ghost (0-6 series) Complete
7 Issues pages |
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Keywords: Grim Ghost Grim Ghost comics free comics atlas comics 2011
Convicted Highwayman makes a deal with Satan to keep his kingdom supplied with souls to avoid burning in hell for all eternity
Ultimate Comics Ultimates #24 (2013)
The New Adventures of command "Ultimates" begin! Download free Ultimate Comics Ultimates #24 (2013) and Marvel comics, DC comics, Manga, Image Comics, IDW Publishing, Dark Horse comics, Valiant Universe comics, Collections of comics and ot
The Ravagers #12
23 pages |
30.2 мegabytes

Keywords: Ravagers DC comics Ravagers comics comics 2013 Ravagers new
The comic Ravagers tell you a story about the team brave people who are fighting evil. Download and read comics of this beautiful world-famous comic book publisher DC

The Ravagers #12

Publisher: DC
Star Trek #20
25 pages |
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Keywords: Star Trek Star Trek comics 2013 comics IDW comics? new Star Trek
Comic book series by CBT, published by Gold Key. The first magazine published in 1967 (star date 1809.2 in the first issue), this time in the U.S. has shown for the first season of the show

Star Trek #20

Publisher: IDW
DMZ (1-72 series) Complete
72 Issues pages |
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Keywords: DMZ DMZ comics free comics vertigo comics
"DMZ - demilitarized zone - the area in which under an international treaty or otherwise (including domestic act) eliminated military installations and other facilities, is prohibited maintenance of the armed forces, the construction of fortifications"
Gore (1-6 series) Complete
6 Issues pages |
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Keywords: Gore Gore comics free comics
Every year, when immersed in the carnival of Venice, opens a portal to another dimension, from digging a demonic version of the fairy tale characters in order to steal, kill and devour the local residents and tourists. The authorities strongly deny the events, and actively cover their tracks, to keep the population in ignorance. However, there is
Constantine #3
John Constantine isn't a conventional hero--he lies, cheats, and manipulates others to get the job done. But for all his faults, he's the only one capable of saving the day after learning of information that could shake the DC Universe to its core.

Constantine #3

Publisher: DC
Giacomo C. (one-shots) 2005
49 pages |
47.3 мegabytes

Keywords: Giacomo C. Giacomo comics free comics 2005
French graphic novel about Giacomo Casanova. In English.
Fearless Dawn (1-4 series) Complete
5 Issues pages |
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Keywords: Fearless Dawn Fearless Dawn comics free comics
Steve Mannion. Fearless Dawn infiltrates the vaunted "Manitoba Sector" to discover the secret behind Helga's chemically-induced NAZI MONSTERS. Meanwhile, all is not well back at home base when Fearless Dawn's boss discovers our hero has broken probation and flown the coop! Joined by Agent Betty and Number Seven the trio fights squads of zombies,
Threshold #5
33 pages |
62.1 мegabytes

Keywords: Threshold DC comics comics 2013 new Threshold Threshold comics
The Threshold, will bring in a whole new universe of DC constellation of new space heroes. It will be Star Rovers, Star Hawkins, Space Cabbie, Tom Tomorrow, Captain K'Rot, and Star Ranger. Kate is engaged in writing a story Giffen (Keith Giffen), and the pattern will perform Tom Rainey (Tom Raney) and Scott Collins (Scott Kolins).

Threshold #5

Publisher: DC
Battlefields #6
Stiles and Frankie are up against it: trapped on Gloster Hill with a small unit of British soldiers, facing a murderous onslaught by ten thousand Chinese troops. Worse still, they didn't bring their tank along this time. It's last man, last round, as the Tankies face their sternest test to date...