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Marvel Fact Files #01 (2013)
28 pages |
17.76 мegabytes

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Loki #01-04 (2010-2011)
4 issues pages |
43.9 мegabytes

Keywords: Loki Marvel Collection 2010-2011
Iron Man - Legacy #01-11 (2010)
11 issues pages |
264.6 мegabytes

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Iron Age #01-03 (2011)
3 issues pages |
135.4 мegabytes

Keywords: Iron Age Marvel Collection 2011
Fear Itself #00-131
131 issues pages |
2700 мegabytes

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World of Warcraft: Ashbringer (1-4 series) Complete
World of Warcraft, comic epic about the adventures of a mysterious gladiator named Lo'Gosh, who tries to remember his past before the gladiator fights, all developed in fantastic realities of the world Warcraft.
Aquaman (volume 6) 1-39 series
Aquaman (Volume 6) was an ongoing series that began publication in February, 2003. It re-establishes Aquaman as a prominent hero in the DC Universe, following his harrowing resurrection during the "Obsidian Age" storyline in the pages of JLA.
Aquaman (volume 5) 1-75 series + Extras
82 comics pages |
715.3 мegabytes

Keywords: Aquaman Aquaman comics DC comics Aquaman collection Aquaman colplete
Aquaman - superhero ?DC Comics?. Created by Paul Norris and Mort Vayzingerom, debuted in More Fun Comics ? 73 (November 1941). Aquaman can breathe underwater, telepathically communicate and manage all forms of marine life, and swim at high speeds. He also has superhuman strength, speed, endurance and longevity - all the result of adaptatio
G.I. Joe: Future Noir Special (1-2 series) Complete
And now, for something different: IDW and Hasbro present an all-new take on the famed soldiers that includes high-explosive action in anime-influenced "future noir" style! Join DUKE and SCARLETT on this special two-part extra-length adventure as they take their team into a mysterious investigation that's about to turn their world upside down! What