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Deathlok  (58 comics)
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Luther Manning. In this universe, Luther was a colonel in the U.S. Army, who went through Vietnam, El Salvador, Iran and the Persian Gulf. One corporation Saybertek Systems Inc.. (Cybertec Systems Inc.) Manning offered to participate in the program to create Defloka, but he refused. Luther soon began to dream dreams about how he became Deflokom.
Daken - Dark Wolverine (40 comics)
Daken - also known as Daken Akihiro - a fictional character, a supervillain in comics Marvel. The character was created by writer Daniel Wei and artist Steve Dillon, and first appeared in the comics Wolverine Origins # 10 in March 2007. Daken - Wolverine's son and has similar superpowers, but despite this, he is the complete opposite of his
Marvel Premiere (61 comics)
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Marvel Premiere - a series of new characters, or those that have lost or do not have their own series. Actually a series of Marvel was a lot. One the biggest - Marvel Comics Presents. The premiere gave life to characters such as Adam Warlock (Adam Warlock), and Iron Fist (Iron Fist). Doctor Strange also went on his own, the second series in a row
Black Widow (43 comics)
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Not much is known about the Black Widow to the Second World War. Natalia Romanova was born in Stalingrad (Volgograd). Unknown set the house where she lived with her family Natasha. Natasha's mother threw out the window directly into the hands of the Soviet soldier Ivan Petrovitch. Ivan took the girl herself and took care of her. Natasha was a very
Crysis #3
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The mysteries of Lingshan deepen as Prophet and the remnants of Raptor Team race to reach an extraction point on the far aside of the island. Their only route of escape-through the mountain stronghold of the alien creatures. What they find waiting for them there will shatter all their previous ideas about the Ceph threat and place them further

Crysis #3

Publisher: IDW
Jurassic Park: Anthology (19 comics)
It??s been 13 years since little Tim and Lex Murphy escaped from the island of Isla Sorna, and recent public opinion has reversed, with the world clamoring for authorities to re-open Jurassic Park!
Kick-Ass & Hit-Girl (20 series)
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Kick-Ass - became a cult comic book from the author of the legendary Wanted, Old Man Logan and Superman - Red Son writer Mark Millar, in which the story is through flashbacks of uncertain point in the future, the main character - a 15-year-old guy trying to be a real superhero, despite the fact that he has no super-powers, or any reason to fight
The Stand (1-31 series)
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The Stand is an adaptation of Stephen King??s epic novel of the same name. The plot starts with escape and spread of a human-made superflu (influenza) virus known formally as ???Project Blue???, but most commonly as ???Captain Trips???. The virus is developed at a U.S. Army base, where it is accidentally released. While the base tries to shu
Rogue (from X-Men) 20 series
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Rogue (aka Rogue or Rouge, real name Anna Maria, Eng. Rogue, Anna Marie) - character Marvel Comics, a member of the X-Men. Created by writer Chris Kleyrmontom and artist Michael Golden,. First poyavilyaetsyas in Avengers Annual # 10 (August 1981). Unlike most mutants, Rogue takes his abilities as a curse. They lie in the fact that at the time of
Alpha Flight (volume 1-4, 1-185 series) Complete
Alpha - a Canadian team of adventurers, most of whom have superhuman abilities and organized under the auspices of the Department of X Canadian government. About ten years ago, James MacDonald Hudson, an engineer, retired from the US-Canadian company Petro-Hemikal. volume 1 - 1-130 volume 2 - 131-152 volume 3 - 153-165 volume 4 - 166-185
Marvel 70th Anniversary Special (12 comics)
As a surprise for the 70-year anniversary of the company Marvel vyputila several van-shots (single issues). Each of them oznamenoyvaet comic series output in the forties. Each room has a brand new comic book about the adventures of the heroes of the time, a kind of fresh perspective. And as a bonus is a reprint of the original comics 40s to enable
Green Arrow (Volume 4) 1-15 series
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This series follows after Green Arrow/ Black Canary and the events in Justice League: Cry for Justice and Justice League: Rise and Fall. With Star City still decimated by Prometheus, a new forest is brought to life in the center of all the destruction by the White Lantern Ring. Green Arrow has been banished after murdering Prometheus and now lives
Green Arrow (Volume 3) 1-75 series
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Keywords: Green Arrow Green Arrow comics DC comics Green Arrow vol 3 2001-2007
This is the complete Green Arrow series from 2001 - 2007. It begins with the critically acclaimed Kevin Smith/Phil Hester arc "Quiver" and includes stories written by Brad Meltzer and Judd Winick. Much of the series overlaps the Teen Titans, Outsiders and JLA runs of the time and as such is important to the 00's universe.
Green Arrow (Volume 2) 1-137 series
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Keywords: Green Arrow Green Arrow comics DC comics Green Arrow vol 2 1988
Green Arrow (Volume 2) began publication in February of 1988 following Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters, and ended with issue #137.
Green Arrow (Volume 1) 1-4 series
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Keywords: Green Arrow Green Arrow comics DC comics Green Arrow vol 4 1983
Four issue Green Arrow mini series, May - August 1983
Moon Knight (Vol 1-3 +)
Born in Chicago, Illinois, Marc Spector is an American rabbi's wayward son. As an adult, Spector spends time as a heavyweight boxer, a U.S. Marine, and a mercenary. He becomes a skilled combatant and befriends the French pilot Jean-Paul DuChamp, whom he calls "Frenchie." While the pair work for the African mercenary Raoul Bushman in Egypt, the