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Steed and Mrs. Peel #6 (2013)
It's well established that our spies are the swingingest secret agents in all the land, but what about in the galaxy? Emma Peel and John Steed enter the Space Race, thanks to the rocket-fueled talents of Caleb Monroe and Will Sliney!
Judge Dredd #5 (2013)
25 pages |
34.8 мegabytes

Keywords: Judge Dredd Judge Dredd comics IDW comics 2013 comics
Dredd is in great motorcycle "lawyer", which has a powerful, mounted on the sides, weapon components and assembled in the center of the laser has a full artificial intelligence, which allows him to perform some order of a judge, such as running. It is linked to the Ministry of Justice, which allows you to receive and transmit information to the
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents The Jungle Book - Last of the Species #2 (2013)
31 pages |
25.13 мegabytes

Keywords: Grimm Fairy Tales Grimm Fairy Tales comics 2013 comics
Mowglii has recovered from her wounds after defeating the ferocious Shere Khan, but a quiet day by the river turns into a battle for survival as the unpredictable Dewan of the Apes returns and the Payari Elephants face an attack from Bomani and the remains of the Tigers of the Shere. Mowglii soon learns that on Kipling Isle, there is no down time!
Battlefields #5 (2013)
30 pages |
40.5 мegabytes

Keywords: Battlefields Battlefields comics 2013 comics dynamite comics
Stiles and Frankie are up against it: trapped on Gloster Hill with a small unit of British soldiers, facing a murderous onslaught by ten thousand Chinese troops. Worse still, they didn't bring their tank along this time. It's last man, last round, as the Tankies face their sternest test to date...
Predator - Big Game (1-4 series) Complete
4 Issues pages |
56.43 мegabytes

Keywords: Predator - Big Game Predator comics 1991 Dark Horse
Predator: Big Game was a four-part comic book miniseries produced by Dark Horse Comics from March??June 1991. It was written by John Arcudi and penciled by Evan Dorkin and inked by Armando Gil. It was edited by Diana Schutz and the series featured covers by Chris Warner. A collected trade paperback edition released in August 1992 featured a ne
Wetworks (1-15 series) Complete
15 Issues pages |
202 мegabytes

Keywords: WildStorm Productions Wetworks Wetworks comics
Whilce Portacio's legendary special forces team returns in classic fashion, aided and abetted by acclaimed writer Mike Carey (HELLBLAZER, LUCIFER)! Dane, team leader of Wetworks, is on a mission. He's forming a new team with the best of the worst. It's a bad world, filled with vampires, werewolves and all manner of nasty creatures. Someone's got
WarHammer Monthly (0-86 series + Special) Complete
88 Issues pages | 1998-2004 year
1500 мegabytes

Keywords: WarHammer Monthly WarHammer Monthly comics
Warhammer Monthly was a comics anthology published by Games Workshop's publishing arm, Black Library, from March 1998 to December 2004, running to 86 issues in total. The final two issues were published bi-monthly under the name Warhammer Comic. It featured stories set within the fictional universe of Games Workshop's miniature wargames Warhammer
Bionic Man vs. Bionic Woman #3 (2013)
"Steve Austin joins forces with the FBI to track down a mysterious, seemingly-bionic, serial killer. But when the Bionic Man disappears, only Jamie Sommers has a chance to find him. But if their paths cross, will it be as friends, lovers...or mortal enemies.
The Tower Chronicles Geisthawk #4 (2013)
75 pages |
154.9 мegabytes

Keywords: The Tower Chronicles The Tower Chronicles comics 2013 comics
The trilogy explores the history and contemporary adventures of John Tower, a supernatural bounty hunter with a grim and secretive past that haunts his every action. Each book will be divided into four separate chapters starting with the initial release of Volume 1 in September 2012. Written by Matt Wagner, the creator of Grendel and Mage, and
Starlex #1 (2013) HD
32 pages |
93.5 мegabytes

Keywords: Starlex Starlex comics 2013 comics
Alexis Starling was a Photography student at Los Angeles University. While taking photographs of a meteorite shower, She noticed a shooting star seemingly heading toward her. She snapped away as the star came closer, the star fell faster and faster, she gazed up at it frozen, she could not move. Faster and faster the star fell, closer and closer
Star Trek #19 (2013)
25 pages |
25 мegabytes

Keywords: Star Trek Star Trek comics 2013 comics IDW comics
Comic book series by CBT, published by Gold Key. The first magazine published in 1967 (star date 1809.2 in the first issue), this time in the U.S. has shown for the first season of the show
Critter #9 (Volume 2) 2013
33 pages |
16.3 мegabytes

Keywords: Critter Critter comics 2013 comics
Uber #00 (2013)
14 pages |
4 мegabytes

Keywords: Uber Uber comics 2013 comics
Multiple comics, multiple genre's, one site, more fun. Uber-Comics hosts multiple comics in one convenient comic community. Hosted comics run the gamet from humorous, sad, crazy, thoughtfull, and the list goes on. Some comics include: Lucid Dreams, Saturatd FAT, Wind Brigade, Tales of Ethia, and Sexy Misconceptions
Brooklyn Animal Control #1 (2013)
In BROOKLYN ANIMAL CONTROL??s world, werewolves have become deeply entrenched in modern America, operating in plain sight as productive members of society, from construction workers to occupants of the highest echelons of power. More often than not, the longstanding werewolf clans conduct themselves to maintain a peaceful productivity with th
Vitriol the Hunter #2 (2013)
They own the night... they yearn for the day! In this gothic sci-fi adventure, Billy Martin (guitarist of Good Charlotte) and Brent Allen bring a new grisly horror to life! As Basilika City's last great hope, Vitriol stands as the only force that can stop Lord Barthus and his heinous vampire regime from overtaking the city.