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Collection Marvel (10.07.2013, Week 28)
13 comics pages | 2013 year
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Keywords: Collection Marvel 10.07.2013 Week 28
Collection Marvel Comics for 10.07.2013 (28 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. Ultimate Comics Ultimates #26 2. Secret Avengers #06 3. Fearless Defenders #06 4. Astonishing X-Men #64 5. Marvel's Thor - The Dark World Prelude #02 6. Indestructible Hulk #10 7. Superior Spider-Man #13 8. Hawkeye #12 9. Daredevil #28 10. Young Avengers
Secret Avengers #06
24 pages | 2013 year
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Keywords: Secret Avengers Tomm Coker Nick Spencer 2013
Fearless Defenders #06
24 pages | 2013 year
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Keywords: Fearless Defenders Cullen Bunn William Sliney Mark Brooks 2013
Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris #27
33 pages | 2013 year
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Keywords: Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris Warlord of Mars Dejah Thoris
John Carter disappeared from Mars as mysteriously as he arrived. Days before he did, an unknown assassin murdered the guardian of the Red Planet's life support system. Carter, himself, is implicated in the horrific crime, and it's up to his princess, Dejah Thoris, to clear his name. That would be tough enough, but someone is trying to kill Dejah,
Tony And Cleo #00
33 pages | 2013 year
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Keywords: Tony And Cleo BlueWater 2013
Dark Shadows #18
33 pages | 2013 year
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Keywords: Dark Shadows Dark Shadows 2013
The owner of Collinwood Manor, Barnabas Collins, a rich, power and reputation of being an inveterate Casanova, has not committed the mistake of breaking the heart of Angelique Boshar. Being a witch, in the literal sense of the word, it dooms him to fate worse than death - draws him into a vampire and buries alive. Two centuries later, Barnabas
Red Sonja #79
33 pages | 2013 year
38.2 мegabytes

Keywords: Red Sonja Roy Thomas Red Sonja
Witness the thrilling conclusion of Red Sonja's battle alongside a kingdom's most legendary swordsman, against an ancient creature of limitless eldritch and physical power To the death In 2005, Marvel has sold the license to produce comics about Sonia new publisher Dynamite Entertainment, which launched an extensive series of comic heroine. For

Red Sonja #79

Publisher: Dynamite
Sabertooth Swordsman #6
19 pages | 2013 year
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Keywords: Sabertooth Swordsman Sabertooth Swordsman
When his village was taken as a slave and his wife kidnapped, a simple farmer must become a true warrior! Our hero embarks on a dangerous journey to save his people. The story is divided into six parts. Stay tuned for more comics.
Godzilla #13
25 pages | 2013 year
25 мegabytes

Keywords: Godzilla Godzilla comics
Godzilla - a giant lizard, cartoon characters, cartoons and movies. Godzilla - is a fictional prehistoric giant lizard, awakened from hibernation after the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, and because of this mutant. Godzilla like Spinozavra growth of over 100 meters, has the ability to spew heat ray.

Godzilla #13

Publisher: IDW
Bandette #05
21 pages | 2013 year
35.4 мegabytes

Keywords: Bandette Tobin Cooper 2013