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Drafted - One Hundred Days
52 pages |
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Keywords: Drafted - One Hundred Days Drafted - One Hundred Days comics
Humanity has repulsed the first wave of alien invaders-but the battle has left much of America in shambles. As the coldest winter in a century assaults the starving, shell-shocked populace, it falls to a former U.S. Senator to rally a small construction unit in the frozen, haunted remains of Chicago. A man whose own destiny has been changed by the
Preacher (76 series) Gold Collections
76 Issues pages |
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Keywords: Preacher Preacher comics
A down and out cursed/blessed southern boy preacher, a hard livin' Irish vampire and the Preacher's gunslinging ex grilfriend travel and fight the world to question The All-Mighty Himself, as to why he quit his sacred task of caring for the world. Along the way a colorful cast of supporting characters walk into the story including a Cowboy who can
Preacher - Saint of Killers (1-4 series)
4 Issues pages |
167.75 мegabytes

Keywords: Preacher - Saint of Killers Preacher - Saint of Killers comics
Writer Garth Ennis reveals the violent, tragic origin of one of the most popular characters he introduced in his runaway cult-hit, Preacher. The murderous, unstoppable gunslinger-with-no-name stars in his own 4-issue Vertigo mini-series, the bloody tale of one man's fall and horrifying rise to become a remorseless agent of death across the
Preacher Special - The Good Old Boys #1
59 pages |
86.60 мegabytes

Keywords: Preacher Special - The Good Old Boys Preacher Special comics
Jody and T.C., those rascally, obnoxious, animal-loving hicks from Preacher: Until the End of the World (they were the monstrous henchmen employed by Jesse's Gran'ma) are back in action in this farcical, fast-moving and violent action-movie parody cooked up by Garth Ennis and Carlos Ezquerra. Tomi and Cal are an odd couple on the run who have the
Preacher Special - The Story of You-Know-Who #1
59 pages |
66.36 мegabytes

Keywords: Preacher Special - The Story of You-Know-Who
Here at last is the eagerly awaited origin of Arseface, perhaps the strangest character introduced in early issues of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's best-selling Preacher. It's the story of the tragic teenager whose sad, painful life led to a botched suicide attempt, resulting in a face that now looks like...well, you know. Filled with all manner
Hellboy - Beasts of Burden - Sacrifice
30 pages |
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Keywords: Hellboy - Beasts of Burden - Sacrifice Hellboy comics
The paranormal activity in the outwardly charming town of Burden Hill has gone from bad to worse, as seen in Dorkin and Thompson's hardcover graphic novel Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites. Now the occult--investigating team of dogs (and one cat) need some serious help. Contact with the Wise Dog Society has broken off, leaving the team on its own, as
The Littlest Zombie vs The Littlest Vampire #1
In the madness of the Zombie Apocalypse, amid the throngs of living dead and terrified victims, the littlest zombie roams. He's just an inquisitive chap filled with curiosity about the world on fire around him. Pushed around by his fellow undead (who always get to the brains first), and positively frowned upon by the remaining living citizens, the
47 pages |
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Keywords: Aladdin Aladdin comics disnay pixar
Long ago, in the ancient desert kingdom of Agrabah, a poor young man named Aladdin dares to dream. He dreams of a life away from the crowded streets?from having to steal food to survive. When he encounters the kingdom's runaway Princess and strikes up a friendship with a wacky all-powerful genie, Aladdin thinks his dreams will come true. With the


Publisher: Disney
Rahan #1 - The Secret of the Sun
19 pages |
29 мegabytes

Keywords: Rahan - The Secret of the Sun Rahan comics
"Rahan is a French comics series about an intelligent prehistoric man, that appeared first as part of Pif gadget, then published in albums of 2 to 4 complete stories. It was initially written by Roger Lecureux, and after his death in 1999, by his son, Jean Francois Lecureux. Most of the artwork is drawn by Andre Cheret, as well as some other
The Ballad of the Flood comics
36 pages |
44 мegabytes

Keywords: The Ballad of the Flood The Ballad of the Flood comics
This BW comic was originally released in a strip format only in Hungary under the 1980s, in a weekly periodical, and it is an adaptation of a 1964 science fiction from Zolt??n Csernai. The story is about extraterrestrials visiting ancient Sumeria, so in some ways it can be looked upon as one of the first works pioneering the idea of Ancient Aliens.
WALL-E comics
49 pages |
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Keywords: WALL-E WALL-E comics 2008 disney
Wall-E is the last robot left on Earth. He spends his days focusing on the impossible task of cleaning up the mess humans left behind. When another robot, Eve, arrives to find out if Earth is habitable again, Wall-E is smitten. Unfortunately, she is focused solely on her mission, and when it is accomplished she goes back to the ship with the rest

WALL-E comics

Publisher: Disney
108 pages |
41.2 мegabytes

Keywords: Olympus Olympus comics
In ancient Greece, Zeus granted eternal life to two brothers, and bound them to his service. 3,000 years later, they are hunting an exiled god, only in their hunt they release onto earth one of Hades' most dangerous prisoners. With a fresh, compelling visual style and original storytelling, OLYMPUS #1 is a rebirth of classical mythology into


Publisher: Other
Classic Star Wars Vol.4 - The Early Adventures
240 pages |
145 мegabytes

Keywords: Classic Star Wars Classic Star Wars comics
Even with fewer than twenty minutes of "screen time" to his credit, the most popular character from the Star Wars trilogy is Boba Fett. Dark Horse offers a number of comics featuring the merciless bounty hunter, but it all starts here, in this trade paperback collecting Russ Manning's Star Wars newspaper strips. It was in these strips, which
Annihilation Book One (2006)
150 pages |
175.56 мegabytes

Keywords: Annihilation Book One Marvel 2006
The epic collection of the cosmic event begins here! Heroes will die. Villains and heroes will form allegiances. Empires will fall. A destructive force punctures through the edge of our universe and slaughters millions of worlds - including Xandar, home of the intergalactic peacekeeping force known as the Nova Corps. With the Nova Corps gone, who
Avengers: The Ultimate Guide (2005)
76 pages |
62.42 мegabytes

Keywords: Avengers: The Ultimate Guide Marvel Collection 2005
AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! As soon as this spellbinding cry rings out, the world's mightiest hero team gather together, ready to confront and defeat any super-menace threatening the planet. Though the Avengers' roster is constantly changing, the founding members consisted of the mighty Thor, the invincible Iron Man, the astonishing Ant-Man, the wondrous
Superpatriot - Americas Fighting Force (2002)
113 pages |
122.67 мegabytes

Keywords: Superpatriot - Americas Fighting Force Marvel Collection 2002
Before they created Invincible together, Robert Kirkman and Cory Walker collaborated on this epic mini-series featuring Erik Larsen's Superpatriot. Watch the aging superhero deal with some of his deadliest foes yet in this action-packed mini-series! Collects Superpatriot: America's Fighting Force #1-4.