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One Piece volume 25 chapter 227-236
184 pages |
35.34 мegabytes

Volume 25: The One Hundred Million Man Luffy and his crew learn of an island in the sky, Skypiea! Determined to get there, they set off for Jaya for more information. However, first, Luffy has to protect a new friend. Afterwards, with knowledge of how to get to Skypiea, Luffy and his crew ride the Knock-Up Stream, heading for Skyiea!
One Piece volume 24 chapter 217-226
184 pages |
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Volume 24: A Person's Dream The Mugiwaras set sail from Alabasta, leaving the country in peace. However, one of the Boroque Works agents hitches a ride. It's none other than Crocodile's right hand woman, Nico Robin. After asking to join the crew, Luffy accepts without another word, saying that she is a good person. Later, they run into some
One Piece volume 23 chapter 206-216
209 pages |
44.59 мegabytes

Volume 23: Vivi's Adventure While Luffy goes into the tomb for his final fight with Crocodile, the rest of the crew come across some terrible news. There is a bomb in the city, and it will destroy the entire city any minute! In the end, however, the bomb is stopped and Luffy, with all of his power, takes down the Shichibukai Crocodile. The nation
One Piece volume 22 chapter 196-205
186 pages |
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Volume 22: Hope!! Luffy fails to defeat Crocodile, and Crocodile rushes to the tomb of the Sand Clan where his right hand woman, Nico Robin, awaits. His plan lies in taking not only the nation, but also a carefully guarded weapon! It's up to Luffy to save not only Alabasta, but perhaps the world.
One Piece volume 21 chapter 187-195
174 pages |
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Volume 21: Utopia After Zoro, Nami, and Sanji finish their rough battles with Baroque, it's all up to Luffy to finish off Crocodile in the end.
One Piece volume 20 chapter 177-186
192 pages |
38.90 мegabytes

Volume 20: The Final Battle Will Be In Alubarna The Final battle comes underway! Luffy runs off to face Crocodile as his crew prepares to take on Crocodile's main agents. Usopp and Chopper take off against the Number 4 pair, and amazingly end up on top. However, even worse troubles are just around the corner.
One Piece volume 19 chapter 167-176
194 pages |
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Volume 19: Rebellion The Mugiwaras are too late. They find out that the rebels were already heading off for their war against the capital of Alabasta. All of this is happening because of a conspiracy caused by Crocodile himself. His plan is to take the nation and maybe something even more dangerous as well. The Mugiwaras rush to the capital,
One Piece volume 18 chapter 156-166
199 pages |
21.97 мegabytes

Volume 18: Enter Ace Finally, the Mugiwaras land in Alabasta. However, trouble is everywhere. A Civil War unlike any before is about to arrive, and it's all due to the Shichibukai Crocodile. After Luffy meets his brother Ace, they decide to go on foot to stop the rebels before it's too late.
One Piece volume 17 chapter 146-155
202 pages |
48.10 мegabytes

Volume 17: Hiruluk's Cherry Blossoms Luffy goes off on Wapol, and after a quick match he is finally defeated. Chopper, amazed, accepts the invitation to join the Mugiwaras as their doctor. Together, they sail away for Alabasta.
One Piece volume 16 chapter 137-145
190 pages |
27.04 мegabytes

Volume 16: Carrying on His Will After Luffy takes Nami up a mountain to the only doctor of the island, the crew learns more. They meet a reindeer named Chopper who has eaten the Hito Hito no Mi, which gives him the ability to talk and change into half-human forms. They learn of Chopper's terrible past and of who caused it: A selfish King named
One Piece volume 15 chapter 127-136
211 pages |
42.71 мegabytes

Volume 15: Straight Ahead!!! After leaving the prehistoric island Little Garden, the Mugiwaras continue heading towards Alabasta. However, after Nami gets sick, they wish to find a doctor. Instead, they run into a freezing cold island. However, does hope lie in all of this snow?
One Piece volume 14 chapter 118-126
187 pages |
38.23 мegabytes

Volume 14: Instinct The Mugiwaras, along with their new friend Vivi, head out towards the sea in order to save the nation of Alabasta. However, they run into a prehistoric island full of dinosaurs and giants! Here they face off against two Baroque Agents, but Luffy, in the end, emerges victorious.
One Piece volume 13 chapter 109-117
185 pages |
39.14 мegabytes

Volume 13: It's All Right! After landing upon a rather friendly looking island, the Mugiwaras discover it is actually a base full of bounty hunters ready to take them out! After a quick battle, they discover one of these people, Vivi Nefetari, may not be as bad as they thought. A new mission arises!
One Piece volume 12 chapter 100-108
190 pages |
38.10 мegabytes

Volume 12: The Legend Begins With a crew of five, the Mugiwaras sail away from Lougetown, heading towards Reverse Mountain, the entrance of the Grand Line and the sea of adventures!
One Piece volume 11 chapter 91-99
187 pages |
36.79 мegabytes

Volume 11: The Meanest Man in the East In a huge finale, Luffy finally puts an end to Arlong's rein, and Nami officially joins the crew. They now set off towards the Grand Line! However, a detour is first, one that could cause the end of Luffy and his crew.
Godzilla #7
22 pages |
13.51 мegabytes

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Godzilla - a giant lizard, cartoon characters, cartoons and movies. Godzilla - is a fictional prehistoric giant lizard, awakened from hibernation after the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, and because of this mutant. Godzilla like Spinozavra growth of over 100 meters, has the ability to spew heat ray.

Godzilla #7

Publisher: IDW