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Marvel Now! December Pack (2012)
26 issues pages |
739.67 мegabytes

Pack includes: A+X 3 (2013) All New X-Men 3 & 4 (2013) Avengers 1 & 2 (2013) Avengers Arena 1 & 2 (2013) Avengers Assemble 10 (2013) Cable and X-Force 1 & 2 (2013) Captain America 2 (2013) Dark Avengers 184 (2013) Deadpool 3 (2013) FF 2 (2013) Fantastic Four 2 (2013) Hawkeye 6 (2013) Indestructible Hulk 2 (2013) Iron Man 3 & 4 (2013) Journey Into
Age of Apocalypse #01-10 (2012) HD
10 issues pages |
313.66 мegabytes

Keywords: Age of Apocalypse Marvel Collection HD 2012
Red Sonja Omnibus (Volume 1) 2010
445 pages |
739.5 мegabytes

Keywords: Red Sonja Omnibus Vol.1 2010 comics Collects Issues Red Sonja Omnibus
Collects Issues #0-18! This RED SONJA Omnibus features the first 19 issues (including the smash #0 issue which re-introduced Red Sonja to today's audiences) starring the She-Devil with a Sword by the creative talents of Michael Avon (Powers) Oeming, Mike (X-Men, The Torch) Carey, Mel Rubi and more!
Rebecca Guay - A Flight of Angels
Graphic novel by ovtorov fiction Holly Black and Bill Willingham. The book has a variety of mythical angels and Droege famous heroes
Madman (Volume 3) 2010
260 pages |
512.3 мegabytes

Keywords: Madman Vol 1 comics 2010 Zane Townsend Mr. Excitement
Zane Townsend was an agent of a secret organization of three-Ai. He died in a car accident, after which his body was to piece together and brought back to life two scientists Egon Boyffard and Gillespie Flem. Resurrecting the hero ponostyu lost his memory, and therefore Boyffard decided to name it in honor of their idols: Frank Sinatra and Albert
Kirby - Genesis (Volume 1) 2012
288 pages |
175 мegabytes

Keywords: Kirby Genesis Vol.1 2012 comics Alex Ross Jackson Herbert
The U.S. space probe Pioneer 10, launched in 1972 to Jupiter, happened to be drawing men and women, made by Jack Kirby, the famous comic book author, inventor of Superman and many other heroes of Marvel and DC. The probe is outside the solar system, and some time later was found representatives of the powerful race, which was not long to wait, in
Fables - The Last Castle
The Fables make their final stand in the Homelands in this series prequel! Little Boy Blue weaves a tale of the great war that forced he and his friends into hiding. In a battle of blood, guts and broken hearts, we meet a mysterious woman and find out why Boy Blue plays only the blues on his horn.
Days Missing (Volume 2) 2011
166 pages |
90.5 мegabytes

Keywords: Days Missing Vol.1 2011 comics Warren Ellis
Archaia and Roddenberry Productions are proud to present the thrilling sequel to the critically acclaimed series Days Missing. Days Missing: Kestus continues the saga of The Steward, a mysterious being whose ability to "fold" days of time has resulted in critical human events being absent from our historical record. Their existence is not
Days Missing (Volume 1) 2010
155 pages |
87.7 мegabytes

Keywords: Days Missing Vol.1 2010 comics Warren Ellis
Foreward by Warren Ellis Since the beginning of time, there has existed a being whose interaction and interference with mankind has shaped human history. His powers of time and intellect have allowed his secrecy and resulted in certain days being absent from any historical record. Their stories have never been told. Their details have never been
Dancer (Volume 1) 2012
152 pages |
188 мegabytes

Keywords: Dancer Vol.1 2012 comics
The multiple sell-out mini-series from the writer of Who Is Jake Ellis? and the artist of Viking, Dancer is the story of a retired assassin who must protect his ballerina love from a sniper stalking them both through the back alleys of a wintry Europe.
365 Samurai and a Few Bowls of Rice
394 pages |
207.6 мegabytes

Keywords: Dark Horse action adventure quest 365 Samurai Few Bowls of Rice
Good to think that the world is a dream. When you wake up from a nightmare, you say to yourself that it was a bad dream. They say that the world in which we live is not very different from the dream.
Injustice - Gods Among Us #2
22 pages |
11.4 мegabytes

Keywords: Injustice Gods Among Us DC comics download DC comics 2013
The second series of a new project from the studio NetherRealm - Injustice: Gods Among Us. As reported in a press release, the new fighting game will join the most famous characters of the Universe DC Comics: Batman, Superman, Flash, Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy and super-females. Superheroes will sort things out in the world, where the "blurred
Asterix (0-33 series + additional materials)
41 comics pages |
616.6 мegabytes

Complete collection of comics about Asterix and Obelix. 33 main books + additional materials. 50 BC Galia fully captured by the Romans. Well, almost ... A small village is still holding back the invaders attack. And this village would not fight so hard, if not a magic potion brewed their druid Getafiks. With this potion strength of the one who
MAD Magazine (501-519 series)
19 comics pages |
1110 мegabytes

Keywords: comics 2013 2012 comics MAD Magazine The world famous sketches magazine Mad
A collection of comics 501 - 519 series. The world famous and internationally popular magazine Mad. Cartoons in the style of humor and satire, the topic of the day, funny collages and sketches.
MAD Magazine (1-500 series)
500 comics pages |
6710 мegabytes

Keywords: MAD Magazine The world famous sketches magazine Mad
A collection of comics 1 - 500 series. The world famous and internationally popular magazine Mad. Cartoons in the style of humor and satire, the topic of the day, funny collages and sketches.