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Gary Frank - Batman: Earth One (2012)
146 pages |
174,13 мegabytes

Keywords: Batman DC 2012
In Gotham City, where friends and foes are not distinguished from each other, Bruce Wayne takes the path of the Dark Knight, which is waiting for him more obstacles than ever. Do not think about anything except the parents punish the murderers and corrupt police, Bruce quenches the thirst for revenge and no one, Alfred, could not stop his mad
Avengers Vol.4 #31
The final explosive arc for long-term Avengers writer Brian Michael Bendis. While the Avengers deal with the consequences of AVX, Tony Stark intercepts the signal... signal, which could lead to vigilante in the hands of one of his closest friends... or their main enemies.
Secret Service - Issue #4
34 pages |
29.52 мegabytes

Keywords: Secret Service Gary uncle Jack mission secrets TV actors
Experience in spy school Gary went south after too much teasing, so his uncle Jack takes matters into his own hands. Under the leadership of Jack, Harry begins to show its true face and gets a big honor - go for a real mission with his uncle. Meanwhile, more secrets revealed about the worldwide disappearance of actors, writers and TV presenters.
Avx: Consequences #1
26 pages |
15.98 мegabytes

Keywords: Avx: Consequences Patrick Zircher Gabriel Hernandez Walta AVX 2012
Spinning directly from AVX 12, find out what happens next! We can not say you anything do not spoil the whole AVX!
Invincible Iron Man #526
24 pages |
13.82 мegabytes

Keywords: Invincible Iron Man Tony Stane Rescue Iron man 2.0 Hammer
Tony and Stane against MANDARIN all marbles! Rescue and IRON MAN 2,0 compared with a Hammer!
Uncanny Avengers #1
25 pages |
16.54 мegabytes

Keywords: Uncanny Avengers marvel universe AVX Avengers X-Men Professor Xavier
This is it! The greatest era Marvel Universe begins here! From the ashes AVX all new, all different Avengers assemble! Captain America begins its quest to create a sanctioned Avengers unit consists of Avengers and X-Men, humans and mutants to work together - so why is the dream of Professor Xavier greater danger than ever? The first attack of the
New Avengers vol.2 #30
20 pages |
20.74 мegabytes

Keywords: New Avengers AVX marvel universe comics superheroes New York
AVX TIE-IN! * New York is lit, the world comes to an end ... But the heroes on the street.
New Avengers vol.2 #23-29
137 pages |
101.38 мegabytes

Keywords: New Avengers collections released new comics
7 new series of fascinating, exciting comics New Avengers. More adventure, more courage from unrivaled author Brian Michael Bendis.
Captain Marvel - Issue #4
* DeConnick and Soy returned as the largest new book, 2012 will result in a wild trip that could change the course of history! * Witness Blazing Battlefield action as Captain Marvel finds herself in the middle of all war.
Captain Marvel - Issue #3
21 pages |
9.5 мegabytes

Keywords: Captain Marvel Firefight Prowlers NASA Mercury 13
Firefight in the sky! What Prowlers and where Captain Marvel seen them before? The secret NASA education programs: Mercury 13?
Captain Marvel - Issue #2
21 pages |
8.99 мegabytes

Keywords: Captain Marvel pilot past THE BANSHEE SQUADRON Avenger
Captain Marvel can not get away from the problems of the past! Who is the best pilot? * Introducing BANSHEE SQUADRON! * Avenger Time Travel Protocols: Engage!
Captain Marvel - Issue #1
SHE COME BACK! "Mighty" most powerful heroes of the Earth! * Ace pilot. Legendary Avenger. 100% pure bully. * Carol Danvers has a new name and a new mission... and all the might she needs to make her lifetime a living hell. * Invited actors: Captain America.
Amazing Spider-Man #695
24 pages |
17.3 мegabytes

Keywords: Amazing Spider-Man Peter Parker Hobgoblin ASM 700 Kingpin
Dark time came for Peter Parker and the changing is closer than you even fear. * How do we want headlong ASM # 700, the Kingpin's latest plan is one of the strongest Spiderman against him. * Hobgoblin come back... but his days may be numbered as the past sharpens his blades.
Amazing Spider-Man #694
24 pages |
16.33 мegabytes

Keywords: Spider-Man Alpha foe returnes Marvel unniverse
Fifty-year anniversary adventures of Spider-Man is dispersed as an old foe returns! And all-new character joins the universe Marvel! Who is Alpha?!
Secret Service - Issue #3
It's James Bond meets My Fair Lady as the greatest spy in the world teaches his troubled nephew to leave his miserable life behind and join the elite ranks of the British Secret Service. This problem is Uncle Jake in must-be-seen-to-be-considered action spectacle, as he seeks to uncover the mystery of kidnapping actor Mark Hamill, and how it is
Secret Service - Issue #2
The greatest world's secret agent is on the most challenging case of his career. But will the end of the world as we know it take a back seat preparation for his street-punk nephew to be the next James Bond? Preparing young man now begins in earnest, saved him from a life of despair. Meanwhile, what is the secret connection between fiction series