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The Amazing Spider-Man (Series 1-2 Of 2) 2012
40 pages |
33.8 мegabytes

Keywords: Amazing Spider-Man comics marvel 2012
Series of two issues, unreleased on paper, but was released in digital format, based on the story of the film of Spider-Man, which is about to be released in theaters. Peter Parker is Spider-Man and he will be meeting with his first opponent, but what happened between these two events? This comic tells the story that takes place between scenes.
Cavewoman Bunny Ranch (2012)
26 pages |
18.79 мegabytes

Keywords: Comics Cavewoman Bunny Ranch 2012
The new comic book about Cave woman with a wonderful story and a picture. Miriem finds dinosaur nest, which sit ditenysha T-Rex. While their mother is missing, Miriem decides to look after them. It soon becomes clear that such kindness can be deadly.
Dracula World Order - The Beginning (2012)
29 pages |
19.21 мegabytes

Keywords: Dracula World The Beginning 2012
This Ouen shot tells the story of how Dracula tries to get the whole world in their hands, by creating the economic crisis. In a world where approximately 1% of the population - vampires, people feel that they are prisoners and food. Dracula's son named Alexander led the opposition against the people of vampires.
Amazing Spider-Man #693
24 pages |
60.86 мegabytes

Keywords: Amazing Spider-Man adventures superheroes Marvel comics
On the 50th anniversary of adventures Spider Man we should expect the return of old foes. As well as appearance of new characters, and especially who is Alpha? All this you can download absolutely free in a new series of adventures Spider Man.
Avengers Vol.4 #30
23 pages |
24.77 мegabytes

Keywords: Avengers superheroes Marvel comics Iron Man
Extremely powerful now Cyclops and Emma Frost, the end of the world and superheroes getting less time. Can they avert death again? And Can Spider Woman and Hawkeye create a novel amidst all terror and chaos? New issue of Marvel is already available for your download.
Professor Xavier and the X-Men
418 pages |
107 мegabytes

Fans of comic X-men 18 rooms is dedicated to the adventure!! Happy reading!
Detective Comics (Series 1-10)
254 pages |
188.21 мegabytes

Keywords: Detective Comics DC
Neizvesno Gotemsky Ripper performs a series of gruesome murders in Batman. The Dark Knight on the trail to find out who started with him this deadly game of cat and mouse
Demon Knights (Series 1-10)
233 pages |
181.78 мegabytes

Keywords: Demon Knights DC
Long ago, in the era of dark and dark ages also lived brave heroes. Though not so brave, albeit not as heroes. But when trouble is coming, they are ready to fight with anyone, face off with the very evil! .. Not for gratitude. For a pint of ale and a glorious battle. Demonic knights guarding the peace!
DC Universe Presents (Series 12) 2012
21 pages |
15.33 мegabytes

Keywords: DC Universe Presents
DC Universe Presents (Series 11) 2012
DC Universe Presents (Series 11) 2012
21 pages |
13.29 мegabytes

Keywords: DC Universe Presents
DC Universe Presents (Series 11) 2012
DC Universe Presents (Series 1-10)
227 pages |
144.88 мegabytes

Keywords: DC Universe Presents
Beginning with the sixth edition in ongoinga DC Universe Presents, which tells of the adventures of various characters Universe DC, will be a new creative team in the face of chief editor of DC Comics Dan DiDio (Dan DiDio) and artist Jerry Ordway (Jerry Ordway).
Catwoman (Series 1-10)
225 pages |
175.51 мegabytes

Keywords: Catwoman DC comics
She loves the night. She likes shiny trinkets. She seduces Batman. Most of all, Catwoman beckons danger. And she can not help it ...
Blue Beetle (Series 1-10)
212 pages |
169.19 мegabytes

Keywords: Blue Beetle DC comics
Not easy being Jaime Reyes. We have to learn in school and at home it dopekayut. In general, the hard life of a teenager. And then there's an alien race, has announced to enslave or destroy planets associating it with some powerful weapons. Will Jamie make weapons destruction in the power of good?
BlackHawks (Series 1-8 series) Complete
8 comics pages |
173.9 мegabytes

Keywords: 2011-2012 BlackHawks DC BlackHawks comics collection BlackHawks Black Hawks
All famous comics Blackhawks from the popular publisher DC. Story about a superhero who always srszhaetsya evil. All eight books in English
Birds of Prey (Series 1-10)
223 pages |
177.21 мegabytes

Keywords: Birds of Prey DC comics
Much time has passed after the team broke up Birds of Prey. Black Canary has no terrorists in the most warm countries, Oracle settled in Bet-cave and all also sitting at the computer, and Hunter chasing gangsters on the doorways. But for the time they spent together, they spoiled a lot of blood every villains. And now they must again come together
Batman Incorporated - Leviathan Strikes 01 (2012)
70 pages |
86.45 мegabytes

Keywords: Batman Incorporated DC Leviathan Strikes
As in Batman & Robin, the first twelve numbers series will lead to a powerful climax, which will reveal the true intention behind the actions returned from travels in eras of Batman - to create, as he says Morrison, a brand of Batman, the one denoting the name of "Bat-corporation ", which will include his most loyal allies. Prior to this, Bruce