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Star Wars. Knights of the Old Republic (Series 1-5 of 5) 2012
125 pages |
105.38 мegabytes

Keywords: Star Wars comics 2012
Surely you've heard about the video game "Knights of the Old Republic", as well as several series of comics, which were painted on its grounds. If you do not know where to start, this series you will be most welcome. War erupted between the Republic and the Mandalorians. Jedi are joining the fight, despite the warnings of the consul. One of them
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents - Neverland: Hook (series 1-5 seies) Complete
179 pages | 2011-2012 year
117.42 мegabytes

Keywords: comics 2012
For some time, the nightmares stopped torturing Nathan Cross. After he destroyed Pan and Neverland delivered from his oppression, he was able to sleep peacefully. But now the nightmares come back to it again. And there is something new that was not there before. People begin to disappear again and Cross knows that evil vernulosm in Neverland. This
Splinter Cell. Digging in the Ashes
33 pages |
8.63 мegabytes

Keywords: Splinter Cell comics ubisoft
This little comic is a bridge between the changeover ???Splnter Cell: Essentials??? (which was only on consoles) and "Splinter Cell: Conviction". Comic short but pretty intense. In 30 pages, fit and escape the mansion, and the penetration of the secret plant followed the shooting of all life on the road. And the ending blends in "Conviction". By
Punisher. In the blood (1 series)
32 pages |
16.64 мegabytes

Keywords: Punisher comics marvel
While Norman Osborn, one of the most evil and powerful people in the world consider themselves untouchable Punisher dared to touch him a bullet. Osborn sent for Frank felon with superpowers - the hood. Between them, the war of attrition. Frank got help from a young hacker named Henry. Hood, in turn, with the infernal magic revives and takes on his
Crawl to Me (2012)
108 pages |
80.51 мegabytes

Keywords: comics 2012
Series creator "Wire Hangers" and rock musician Alan Robert returns to readers with his new horror comics. The protagonist of the story is called Ryan. He tries to protect his family from something that appeared out of the hole in the wall of the basement of his new country house. Only after a series of incomprehensible and terrifying incidents
Cavewoman. Mutation (series 1-2 of 2) 2012
60 pages |
29,9 мegabytes

Keywords: Cavewoman Mutation comics 2012
After nearly five-year absence Devon Messi returns to work with "Amryl Entertainment" with this new mini-series of the two releases. The series was drawn Budd Root and became his first work, which had to wait for the publication of almost two years. When an expedition to unknown river turns wreck, Meriemu, Bruce and Professor Cook has spend
Skeleton Key (2012)
35 pages |
21.39 мegabytes

Keywords: Skeleton Key comics 2012
One of the greatest comic book, created by Andy Watson, back in color! Use the magic Skeleton Key, girl Tamsin and kitsune fox spirit can open a portal to any of an infinite number of universes. Lost somewhere in time and space, the two friends face a musical group that uses the resurrection of the dead to record their videos. Thus, they are in a
3 Story. Secret Files of the Giant Man (2012)
38 pages |
44 мegabytes

Keywords: comics 2012
Recognized by many fans of comics graphic novel back in 2009. Some episodes from the life of Craig Pressganga proved too sensual, even for this book, but not a true story about the years when he was a spy. This Ouen shot included three mission Craig: Paris, Cairo, and the Philippines. They all complement the original graphic novel, and represents
The Amazing Spider-Man. Ends of the Earth (2012)
38 pages |
25.11 мegabytes

Keywords: Spider-Man comics marel 2012
From one "end of the world", to another. Spider-Man is the only hero who can resist Doctor Octopus and rid the world of its tentacles. Otto Octavius ​​but this time not alone, and he has supporters who seem to spiders no less dangerous than the octopus. Also in the comics will visit: Hero Six and the Union Jack.
Domino Lady's Threesome (2012)
43 pages |
33,94 мegabytes

Keywords: comics 2012
Three babes-superheroine take up investigation into the disappearance of a girl in a glamorous nightlife. The kidnappers did not escape retribution, because he will have to deal with Lady Domino Mortal Amazon, debuted in the pages of comic books of the seventies, and has recently embarked on the path of struggle against crime heroine named Weill.
Diablo. Tales of sanctuary
64 pages |
6.19 мegabytes

Keywords: Diablo Tales of sanctuary
This comic has three, not related to each other, the stories. They tell of the struggle against the evil of three different representatives of the Diablo universe. The first of them - a druid who voluntarily left their village after accidentally mutilated brother. Druids lived in a cave and atone for their sins, until he did not come running to
Marvels the Avengers - Black Widow Strikes (Series 1-3 Of 3) 2012
76 pages |
58.09 мegabytes

Keywords: Marvels Avengers Black Widow Strikes 2012
The latest solo adventure of The Black Widow kinovselennoy "Marvel". In this mini-series of three issues is told about what was before Natasha joined the team "The Avengers." Join the adventures of the Black Widow in the time interval between the films "Iron Man 2" and "The Avengers."
Winter Soldier (Series 1-6) 2012
146 pages |
95.43 мegabytes

Keywords: Winter Soldier marvel comics 2012
This new line of comics called "Winter soldier", first issued on February 2, is dedicated to James "Bucky" Barnes, the former partner of Captain America. The plot is devoted to his work with the Black Widow and the fight with Lucia von Bardas - former Prime Minister of Latveria, and three agents of Soviet intelligence, recently awakened from
The Amazing Spider-Man (Series 1-2 Of 2) 2012
40 pages |
33.8 мegabytes

Keywords: Amazing Spider-Man comics marvel 2012
Series of two issues, unreleased on paper, but was released in digital format, based on the story of the film of Spider-Man, which is about to be released in theaters. Peter Parker is Spider-Man and he will be meeting with his first opponent, but what happened between these two events? This comic tells the story that takes place between scenes.
Cavewoman Bunny Ranch (2012)
26 pages |
18.79 мegabytes

Keywords: Comics Cavewoman Bunny Ranch 2012
The new comic book about Cave woman with a wonderful story and a picture. Miriem finds dinosaur nest, which sit ditenysha T-Rex. While their mother is missing, Miriem decides to look after them. It soon becomes clear that such kindness can be deadly.
Dracula World Order - The Beginning (2012)
29 pages |
19.21 мegabytes

Keywords: Dracula World The Beginning 2012
This Ouen shot tells the story of how Dracula tries to get the whole world in their hands, by creating the economic crisis. In a world where approximately 1% of the population - vampires, people feel that they are prisoners and food. Dracula's son named Alexander led the opposition against the people of vampires.