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The Phantom Stranger #3
New ongoing The Phantom Stranger, who will write Dan DiDio. By the way, if anyone knows - the protagonist of the series just otretkonili in biblical Judas, because the proverb says, "You do not know what to do - just add the Bible". Somewhere in the pages of this ongoinga expected first appearance poslerebutnoe Spectrum
Stormwatch #15
21 pages |
17.31 мegabytes

Keywords: Stormwatch DC comics comics 2013
Storm Watch - dangerous team of superhumans whose existence was kept a secret from the world. Jack Hawksmoor and other team members want to get to his two deadliest superhumans on the planet: Midnaytera and Apollo. What if they say "no"? Possible that the Martian Manhunter can change their opinions.

Stormwatch #15

Publisher: DC
Green Arrow #15
21 pages |
20.37 мegabytes

Keywords: Green Arrow DC comics comics 2013
The owner of a large company "Queen Industries" Oliver Queen seems quite ordinary millionaire slacker. But few people know the opposite direction of his life. Green Arrow - a modern Robin Hood, protecting the innocent and the guilty kicking ass.

Green Arrow #15

Publisher: DC
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: MICHELANGELO #1
The original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book again, this time with a brand new colors! Read about the adventures of nashyh heroes Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael in the comic from the publisher IDW Publishing
Womanthology Space #3
Womanthology - this conceptual design Renae De Liz, an anthology of comics created by women for charitable purposes. In general, "Grrrl Power All the Way". As the name implies, "Space" is dedicated to space.
The Pound Ghouls Night Out #4
28 pages |
19 мegabytes

Keywords: The Pound Ghouls Night Out IDW publishing comics comics 2013
Scotty, Howie collect evidence to stop the uprising ghouls. On the way, the guys learn valuable information - the cause of the uprising. Most importantly, never open the locked bathroom door without knocking first?
Action Comics #15
33 pages |
24.56 мegabytes

Keywords: Action Comics DC comics comics 2013
Faster! Stronger than a locomotive! With one bound he was able to reach the top of a skyscraper! Who is he, this mysterious young man, riding through the streets of Metropolis? A mysterious crime fighter and protector of innocents. The police are at a loss, the military head-on ... Who is the hero? It's Superman!

Action Comics #15

Publisher: DC
Chasing The Dead #2
24 pages |
22.96 мegabytes

Keywords: Chasing The Dead Chasing The Dead IDW publishing comics comics 2013
The debut issue tells about the stranger who kidnapped Sue's daughter, Lily. But he did not want her money, only her suffering - and it will kill Lily, if Sue does not follow his every command. With detailed instructions, faceless abductor leads Sue blinding snowstorm on the longest night of the year to a place she did not go to detstve.Golos at
Detective Comics #15
30 pages |
18 мegabytes

Keywords: Detective Comics DC comics comics 2013 Batman
Unknown Gotemsky Ripper performs a series of gruesome murders in Batman. The Dark Knight on the trail to find out who started with him this deadly game of cat and mouse.
Hawkeye #5 (2013)
25 pages |
12.88 мegabytes

Keywords: Hawkeye Matt Fraction David Aja Javier Pulido 2013
Iron Man #3 (2013)
24 pages |
14.38 мegabytes

Keywords: Iron Man Kieron Gillen Greg Land Tony Stark EXTREMIS 2013
Avenging Spider-Man #15 (2013)
21 pages |
10.51 мegabytes

Punisher War Zone #2 (2013)
24 pages |
38.41 мegabytes

Keywords: Punisher War Zone Greg Rucka Marco Checchetto Marco Checchetto 2013
Kings take Castle. Now its his move! It takes more than bullets to take out the Avengers' biggest guns.