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Avengers Assemble #8
24 pages |
20.57 мegabytes

Keywords: Avengers Assemble Avengers Odyssey Guardians Marvel Mark Bagley comic
The explosive conclusion to cosmic Avengers Odyssey! Will the Avengers and Guardians of Galaxy be able to stop Thanos from his quest to make Earth his new throne world empire? Bomb fallout of storyline will change one Avengers life forever as a brand new initiative Marvel will get out of this bombastic series.
Untold Tales of Punisher Max #5
The Punisher learns from hard way that vigilanteism only creates more vigilance in the ten-year-old son of one of his victims decides to take revenge on the man who killed his father.
Hawkeye #3
24 pages |
22.83 мegabytes

Keywords: Hawkeye Vagabond Code Barton Bishop Double Hawkeye Marvel
What the Vagabond Code? Barton and Bishop means Double Hawkeye... and double trouble. Aja and Fraction are returned from the chase that will blow not only your mind, but the minds of some of your ancestors as well.

Hawkeye #3

Publisher: Marvel
Hawkeye #2
23 pages |
14.45 мegabytes

Keywords: Hawkeye Aja Fraction Cars Marvel comic
What you need to know: Aja. Fraction. Hawkeye. Kate Bishop. Cars. Steals from the rich never looked so good. Get. Now.

Hawkeye #2

Publisher: Marvel
Hawkeye #1
23 pages |
17.89 мegabytes

Keywords: Hawkey Kate Bishop Matt Fraction David Aja Marvel

Hawkeye #1

Publisher: Marvel
Incredible Hulk #14 (2012)
HULK: UNITED continues. Hulk wants a piece of Dr.Doom, but first he must pass through the Mad Squad!
Incredible Hulk #13 (2012)
24 pages |
12.14 мegabytes

Keywords: Incredible Hulk HULK: UNITED begins Doctor Doom Banner Marvel
HULK: UNITED begins. Keys to the Banner Master Plan disclosed. Return the Doctor Doom and monumental day of reckoning for the Hulk and Banner!
Incredible Hulk #12 (2012)
Wolverine vs. Hulk! Thing vs. Hulk! Conclusion angry! What devious Banner has been doing?
Incredible Hulk #11 (2012)
23 pages |
11.51 мegabytes

Keywords: Incredible Hulk Sasquatches Kraven hunter Lost City Marvel
Lost City of Sasquatches! With deadly hunter in the world, Kraven!
Incredible Hulk #1-10 (2012)
252 pages |
172.97 мegabytes

Keywords: Incredible Hulk Jason Aaron Christian Nauck Renato Guedes comic Hulk
The first ten episodes continued amazing comic from Marvel - Incredible Hulk. All series in 2012.
Marvel Zombies Halloween #1
23 pages |
12.05 мegabytes

Keywords: Marvel Zombies Halloween Trick or treat Fred Van Lante
Trick or treat, give Marvel Zombies your brains to eat! Fred Van Lante writer fan-favorite MARVEL ZOMBIES 3 and 4, returns to terrible franchise - to its first Halloween one shot special!
Marvel Now! Point One #1
52 pages |
24.37 мegabytes

The Marvel's future is NOW! Point One issue introduction the movers and shakers come of the Marvel Universe!
Avx: Consequences #2
24 pages |
14.88 мegabytes

Keywords: Avx: Consequences Patrick Zircher Gabriel Hernandez Walta AVX 2012
Spinning directly from AVX #12, find out what happens next! We can not tell you anything else not spoiling the AVX!
Ultimate Comics Iron Man #1
23 pages |
10.31 мegabytes

Keywords: Ultimate Comics Iron Man Iron Man
What or who is the Ultimate Mandarin?
Captain Marvel #5
23 pages |
11.95 мegabytes

Keywords: Captain Marvel Carol thief comic Marvel Emma Rios Kelly Sue DeConnick
Carol lives every Ninety niners dream! Toe to toe with some of the best pilots in the history of America! Captain Marvel turned thief?