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Superman - Our Worlds at War Storyline (DC) (46 series)
OUR WORLDS AT WAR READING ORDER PRELUDE TO WAR Superman v2 151-153 Superman Y2K Superman v2 154 Adventures of Superman 576 Superman: The Man of Steel 98 Action Comics 763 Superman v2 159 Superman v2 171 Green Lantern: Our Worlds at War Adventures of Superman 593 Batman: Our Worlds at War Superman: Man of Steel 115 Young Justice: Our Worlds at
Robin - Year One (1-4 series) Complete
4 comics pages |
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Tim Drake may be the current Robin, but he wasn't the first. That honor goes to Dick Grayson, whose untold earliest adventures as the Boy Wonder are now revealed in a 4-part Prestige Format miniseries co-written by Chuck Dixon (ROBIN, NIGHTWING) and Scott Beatty (GREEN LANTERN 80-PAGE GIANT), with art by Javier Pulido (The Incredible Hulk) and
The Punisher Vol.4 #01-12 (2000-2001)
12 issues pages |
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Keywords: The Punisher Vol.3 Marvel Collection 2000-2001
A white skull on a field of black. In the Marvel Universe, no symbol inspires fear in the hearts of criminals like the stark calling card of the Punisher. His wife and children killed in a mob shootout, former serviceman Frank Castle wages a one-man war on crime, and he won't stop until he's won no matter how many bullets it takes.
Mutant X #21-32 + Annual (2000-2001)
15 issues pages |
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Keywords: Mutant X Marvel Collection 2000-2001