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Avengers Next #01-05 Complete
5 issues pages | 2007 year
69.2 мegabytes

Keywords: Avengers Next Complete Marvel Collection 2007
2 Guns #01-05 Complete
5 issues pages | 2007 year
60.6 мegabytes

Keywords: 2 Guns Complete Boom Collection 2007
New Avengers Transformers #01-04
4 issues pages | 2007 year
68.5 мegabytes

Keywords: New Avengers Transformers Marvel Collection 2007
Black Canary Vol.3 #01-04 (2007)
4 issues pages |
67.3 мegabytes

Keywords: Black Canary Vol.3 Image Collection 2007
I Killed Adolf Hitler (one-shot)
In this full-color graphic novel, Jason posits a strange, violent world in which contract killers can be hired to rub out pests, be they dysfunctional relatives, abusive co-workers, loud neighbors, or just annoyances in general and as you might imagine, their services are in heavy demand. One such killer is given the unique job of traveling back
Living with the Dead (1-3 series) Complete
3 Issues pages |
78.2 мegabytes

Keywords: 2007 Living Dead Living Dead comics free comics dark horse comics
From the mind of Mike Richardson (The Mask; The Secret) comes this hilariously frightening tale of Straw and Whip, two slackers who have lived through a plague that's left the world with seven billion brain-hungry zombies. Life is tough as they try to keep up the appearance of being like the rest of the decomposing masses, and things heat up when
Tank Girl - The Gifting (1-4 series) complete
4 comics pages |
79.4 мegabytes

Keywords: Tank Girl The Gifting idw comics 2007 Tank Girl comics Gifting
"Tank girl" - the iconic British comic strip, drawn in the late eighties by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett (co-creator of the group "Gorillaz"). Action Comics unfolded in Australia after a nuclear war, and the creators have repeatedly called tankistku "Mad Max in a skirt." But the main thing in this comic (as, indeed, in most of the other) was
Beowulf (Volume 6) 1-4 series
5 Issues pages |
72.6 мegabytes

Keywords: Beowulf Beowulf comics free comics 2007 Chris Ryall
Released in conjunction with the Beowulf movie release, this comic brings the classic story to life in vivid color. The vicious yet childlike Grendel terrorizes Hrothgar??s kingdom. Once a mighty warrior, the aging king can only watch in anger as his men fall to the beast. From across the sea, a great hero comes from the land of th
Hope Falls (1-5 series) Complete
5 Issues pages |
32.8 мegabytes

Keywords: 2007 Hope Falls Hope Falls comcis free comics
Hope Falls, the five-part miniseries that AAM/Markosia released in 2007/2008 is an enigma. In many ways, it's known as the 'little train that could', beating all expectations and finishing 2008 as one of the few monthly creator owned books not from Image, Dark Horse or IDW that actually made it to the end of its run, gathering critical acclaim
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