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Sigil (1-43 series) Complete
43 issues pages | 2000-2003 year
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Keywords: Sigil Barbara Kesel CrossGen Entertainment
Humanity's last hope for survival space-haired soldier with a second chance at glory! After centuries of interstellar war, the people of the Planetary Union have a new weapon against the man-eating dinosaurs. He Samandahl Rey, galactic mercenary, who owns the world-changing power of glowing Sigil burned into his chest. Maybe it's interspecies
Solus (1-8 series) Complete
8 issues pages | 2003-2004 year
87 мegabytes

Keywords: Solus Solus collection CrossGen Barbara Kesel
Solus was an American comic book series written by Barbara Kesel and illustrated by George P?rez. It was published by CrossGen Entertainment from April to December 2003. It ran for eight issues until it was cancelled when Crossgen went bankrupt in 2004. Solus was a late comer to the Crossgen line-up but was a pivotal title within the overal
The First (1-37 series) Complete
37 issues pages | 2000-2003 year
378.1 мegabytes

Keywords: The First comic books Crossgen Entertainment Barbara Kesel
Dzhanning Sarah was born on a farm of the main planets of the world of independent, unattached to the great Himerianskoy empire. As a young man Sarah, during an attempt to colonize the planet empire, becoming a witness to the death of his entire family, released by their character, destroying the power of the empire. Now she is hiding from the