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Dog Eaters #1-2 Complete
2 issues pages | 2009 year
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Keywords: Dog Eaters Dog Eaters Dabel Brothers Productions Dabel Brothers
Top Dog #1–14 Complete
14 issues pages | 1985-1987 year
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Tribes: The Dog Years (1-6 series)
148 pages |
148.8 мegabytes

Keywords: Tribes The Dog Years 2010 Dog Years Dog Years
In 2038, a NANO-VIRUS shortens the human lifespan to TWENTY-ONE years. Civilization collapses. TWO HUNDRED years later the remnants of humanity survive amidst the junkyard ruins of the techno-industrial age. One day everything changes for Sundog of the Sky Shadows tribe. Is there new hope for longer life? Can the virus be fixed with the help of an