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Dread Gods #1
69 pages | 2017 year
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Dread Gods #1

Publisher: IDW
The Ogre Gods Vol.2 - Half-Blood
117 pages | 2016 year
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Keywords: The Ogre Gods Gods The Ogre Metamorphose
The Ogre Gods Vol.1 - Petit
118 pages | 2014 year
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Keywords: The Ogre Gods Gods The Ogre Metamorphose
JLA: Gods and Monsters
64 pages | 2001 year
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Justice League - Gods & Monsters - Batman #1
22 pages | 2015 year
11.9 мegabytes

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New Gods (Volume 4) 1-15 series
Originally written by Tom Peyer and Rachel Pollack, and pencilled by Luke Ross, volume four of New Gods ran from October 1995 until February 1997. Eventually taken over by John Byrne (for issues #12-15) at the tail end of the series, this title would be renamed as Jack Kirby's Fourth World, also by John Byrne, with numbering reset to issue #1, and
New Gods (Volume 3) 1-28 series
Written by longtime Kirby understudy Mark Evanier, with co-author and penciller Paris Cullins, this would be the most lengthy New Gods run yet. Coming in at 28 issues, this volume was published from February 1989 to August 1991. This series is sometimes considered volume two, as the aforementioned volume two was essentially a reprinting of volume
New Gods (Volume 1) 1-19 series
Beginning here, Jack Kirby established the groundwork for all future New Gods (and related) series. New Gods #1 would mark the first appearance of Orion, Highfather, and Metron, among others; and further issues into the series would mark the first appearance of many other Fourth World characters, as well as explaining key concepts about the New
New Gods (Volume 0) 1-6 series
6 comics pages |
103.2 мegabytes

Keywords: New Gods New Gods New Gods comics New Gods collection DC comics New Gods vol 4 1984
A 48-page new story called "Even Gods Must Die" was published in the sixth issue of the reprint series instead, which in turn served as a prologue for the upcoming The Hunger Dogs graphic novel, which DC editors greenlighted in order to conclude the series
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