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The Mercenary Vol.1 - The Cult of the Sacred Fire
62 pages | 2017 year
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New Mutants Annuals #1-7 + Special + Graphic Novel Complete
10 issues pages | 1984-1991 year
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DC Graphic Novel (1-4 series) Complete
4 issues pages | 1983-1985 year
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Dark Claw Adventures
24 pages | 1997 year
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Ghost World - Comic by Daniel Clowes
82 pages |
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Graphic novel "Ghost World" (Ghost world) emerged from the pen of Daniel Close's was once a cult among American teenagers generation 90. It tells the story of two high school graduate Enid and Rebbeke. Most of their free time they devote bones of their peers, parents, and just strangers. The world opened to them after school scares them, and they