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Kick-Ass #1
31 pages | 2018 year
51.4 мegabytes

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Kick-Ass #1

Publisher: Other
Kick-Ass (1-8 series) HD
8 comics pages |
386.65 мegabytes

Keywords: Kick-Ass Vol.1 Marvel Icon Collection 2008-2010
Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? To help people, to save the world, to beat the criminals? Just do not say you do not like. Dave Lizhevski - normal 16-year-old, a student of a school in New York. Not nerd, not thunder, it is not popular with the girls. Dave big fan of comic books. Once he questions why the real world is not a superhero and
Hit-Girl #3
35 pages |
26.96 мegabytes

Keywords: Hit-Girl Mark Millar John Romita JR. Red Mist Kick-Ass Marvel

Hit-Girl #3

Publisher: Marvel