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Monsters Unleashed #1
26 pages | 2017 year
83.2 мegabytes

Keywords: Monsters Unleashed Monsters Unleashed Marvel
Ectokid Unleashed
47 pages | 1994 year
12.1 мegabytes

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JLX Unleashed
23 pages | 1997 year
7.0 мegabytes

Keywords: JLX Unleashed DC

JLX Unleashed

Publisher: DC
Monsters Unleashed (1-11 series + Annual) Complete
12 issues pages | 1973-1975 year
421 мegabytes

Keywords: Monsters Unleashed Monsters Unleashed Monsters Unleashed annual
MONSTERS UNLEASHED! was Marvel's second entry in their line of black-and-white horror-oriented comic magazines designed to compete with Warren's EERIE, CREEPY and VAMPIRELLA. The series featured a variety of material: original stand-alone stories; adventures of previously established characters from the Marvel Universe (e.g., the Frankenstein
Grimm Universe (Unleashed Pt4) #05
35 pages | 2013 year
34 мegabytes

Keywords: Grimm Universe Unleashed Zenescope 2013
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