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Monster Hunters Survival Guide: Case Files Sasquatch (one-shots) 2011
Monster Hunter JP Russ has faced down hundreds of monsters in his career. But in the Pacific Northwest he may have finally met his match as he comes up against the most famous monster of them all...Sasquatch. Russ is in a race against time as he investigates the disappearance of campers from Mt. Hood National Park and the trail is fresh with 15"t;
Grimm Fairy Tales #84 (2013)
The sophomoric yet hilarious foray into the Grimm Fairy Tales universe makes a return The first two editions left most fans wanting more and left others' wondering if we'd completely lost our minds. But we're back at it yet again so read at your own risk Some of your favorite stories from the Grimm Fairy Tales Universe are completely re-lettered
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Madness Of Wonderland #01 (2013)
26 pages |
17.53 мegabytes

Keywords: Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Madness Of Wonderland Zenescope 2013
As the flower girls from Wonderland continue to claim their victims, Calie struggles with finding a way to snap Violet out of her downward spiral. But when Violet meets a new friend who seems to be the answer to all Calie's prayers, they will both learn first-hand that even the best of friends can carry their own deep, dark secrets. Meanwhile, in
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents The Jungle Book Last Of The Species #01
Mowglii has recovered from her wounds after defeating the ferocious Shere Khan, but a quiet day by the river turns into a battle for survival as the unpredictable Dewan of the Apes returns and the Payari Elephants face an attack from Bomani and the remains of the Tigers of the Shere. Mowglii soon learns that on Kipling Isle, there is no down time!
Grimm Fairy Tales #81 (2013)
23 pages |
21.66 мegabytes

Keywords: Grimm Fairy Tales Zenescope 2013
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