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BBBen - Let Me Out Version: 0.4.0 Adult PC Game.
Overview: Let Me Out is a unique game in which you type the actual words of a conversation between a beautiful, under-dressed princess in a dungeon and the ugly orc guarding her! Will you be able to talk her way out of danger, or will you get her into even more... trouble? The game will feature numerous endings and fun possibilities​
Bedlam Games No Haven v0.7501 Adult PC Game.
Change Log Version 0.7501 -Toned down the increased vulnerability of Inexperienced Slavers. Easy and No Pressure now also reduce slaver vulnerability in general. -Attempted rebalance of which slaves are used so slavers will prefer better slaves, made low condition a bit more of a turn off for slavers and high condition more of a turn on, and
Saddoggame My Legacy Version 0.7.1 Adult PC Game.
Windows all Language: English Uncensored Story: This game will be about a single man, who works as creator of erotic novels and because of that work and his craziness he is lonely all the time. But he isn’t all alone. He has his pals “Mr. D” and “the brain”. All of them come to the conclusion that it would be the best idea ever to continue the
College Life 0.0.4a by MikeMasters Adult PC Game.
STORY You play as a male hero, whose goal is to finish college to become successful at life so he can help his family. He's so smart, you don't have to worry about his education, but everything else is in your hands. Main quests serve only as introduction and it is up to you if you want to impress other characters or if you want to just pass by