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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead it is a comic book series are released in the USA. Comic was created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard and tells the story of a small group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world in which most of the people became aggressive zombies.
The main story line of comics is the struggle for survival of the group of people. The main character is Rick Grimes. This former police officer became the leader of a group.
Deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes gets serious gunshot wound during a shootout with criminals, resulting in a coma. When he awoke in the hospital, he notices that the entire medical staff is absent. It was very terribly. Gradually he comes to the realization that there was a tragedy, somehow related to the reanimated corpses. He is trying by all means to find his wife and son, seems to have managed to survive, and help them to survive in a dangerous new world. In the course of the story he meets with other survivors and for his leadership abilities leading the fight for survival.
Rick goes in search of his family. In the city he sees crowd of zombies. The young boy Glen leads him to a small cover. There Rick finds his wife Lori and son Charles.
When they came to Atlanta, the city was already "dead".
They live in a trailer and tents and awaiting the arrival of the army to evacuate to a safer place.
At night, when everyone is asleep, the old man Dale is on duty with a rifle on the roof of the trailer.
They have few weapons, and Rick and Glenn decide to get in the city. Having come to the conclusion that zombies identify themselves by smell, they are coated with the internals of a recently slain zombies his clothes, and it works. After earning full carts weapons, they move back in, but heavy rain starts, and their clothes are wet, they miraculously escape from the zombies, while losing most of the weapons.
One night, they are attacked by a group of zombies. Shane wants to kill Rick because he likes Lory - Rick???s wife. But in this time Charles shoots and kills Shane!
Laurie remembers their relationship with Shane. She reports that she is pregnant. Rick has doubts about this, but decides for himself that in any case it does not matter now.
I want to tell you something about zombies. They want your blood. Zombies do not knew human speech. The main method of identification between a zombie is a peculiar smell; transferring this smell on your clothes, he becomes invisible to them. This feature has helped Glenn and Rick get into the depths of Atlanta in search of weapons and Michon spend a few months surrounded by zombies, with virtually no shelter.

1-112 issues (2003-2013)

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