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Northlanders (1-50 Series)
50 Issues pages |
948 мegabytes

Keywords: Northlanders Northlanders comics
Christian/Islamic conflict. Technological revolution. Fear of the end of the world. Sound familiar? It should. But it's not the world of 2007??it's the world of Europe, circa 1000 AD. The world of Brian Wood's brand-new monthly series, NORTHLANDERS. Following the red-hot success of one of last year's most critically-acclaimed books, DMZ
The Unwritten #46 (2013)
22 pages |
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Keywords: The Unwritten vertigo 2013
The Bronx Kill
190 pages |
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Keywords: The Bronx Kill The Bronx Kill comics
Martin Keane is a literary writer whose second novel just received scathing reviews. He has a police officer father he can barely stand - a man who couldn't be more different from. But he decides to combine the two together for his next book, a historical cop thriller which he hopes will give him the chance to work through his family issues and

The Bronx Kill

Publisher: Vertigo
Hellblazer (1-300 series + Annual)
Hellblazer (also known as John Constantine, Hellblazer) is a contemporary horror comic book series, originally published by DC Comics, and subsequently by the Vertigo imprint since March 1993, when the imprint was introduced, where it remains to this day. Its central character is the streetwise magician John Constantine, following his popularity
Hellblazer #300 (2013)
43 pages |
62.56 мegabytes

Keywords: Hellblazer vertigo 2013
Fables #126 (2013)
22 pages |
35.71 мegabytes

Keywords: Fables vertigo 2013
Bang! Tango (1-6 series)
6 Issues pages |
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A passionate ex-gangster tries to make good in his second life as a tango dancer in this 6-issue miniseries from writer Joe Kelly (JLA, ACTION COMICS) and artist Adrian Sibar (BATGIRL). But his world is thrown out-of-step when an old flame tracks him down, bringing with her the violence of his old life as well as the smoldering sexual conflict
Y - The Last Man (#1-60)
60 Issues pages |
592 мegabytes

Keywords: Y - The Last Man Y - The Last Man vertigo
Comic tells the misadventures of a boy named Yorick and his monkey &, single vyzhivyshih male species after the epidemic of an unknown disease.
Scott Snyder, Stephen King - American Vampire
5 Issues pages |
108.7 мegabytes

Keywords: Stephen King American Vampire
In each of the five editions of "American Vampire" is two stories - one from King and one from Snyder. Artist Project - Rafael Albuquerque (Rafael Albuquerque). The series "American Vampire? (American Vampire) consists of five editions and tells the story of "the first American Vampire" - cowboy killers and bank robber named Skinner Swee
Django Unchained #02 (2013)
32 pages |
18.6 мegabytes

Keywords: Django Unchained vertigo 2013
Saucer Country #12 (2013)
22 pages |
32.1 мegabytes

Keywords: Saucer Country vertigo 2013
Fables - Werewolves of the Heartland HC (2012)
107 pages |
140 мegabytes

Keywords: Fables - Werewolves of the Heartland Fables comics 2012
Bigby Wolf takes center stage in what might be the most action-packed FABLES story to date. Bigby embarks on a quest through the American Heartland to find a new location for Fabletown. In his wanderings, Bigby stumbles across a small town named Story City, that, amazingly enough, seems to be populated by werewolves. Who are they and where did
Sweet Tooth (1-40 series)
40 issues pages |
1198.9 мegabytes

Keywords: Sweet Tooth Sweet Tooth 2013 Sweet Tooth comics new Sweet Tooth
Near future. Most of the world had died from an unknown illness, and the remaining time will share their fate, because the virus is already in their blood. Infection averted only children born after the epidemic. Story of one of them just before you. Sweet Tooth (just so he was called for the incredible cravings) lived his whole life with his
The Filth (1-13 series)
13 comics pages |
110.9 мegabytes

Keywords: The Filth The Filth comics vertigo download The Filth comics The Filth
The Filth was Grant Morrison's second major creator-owned series for Vertigo after The Invisibles. Initially starting as a Nick Fury proposal for Marvel Comics, Morrison adapted it as a 13 part series for Vertigo. The title refers both to the police (in British slang) and to pornography (in which Morrison "immersed" himself researching the
128 pages |
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Keywords: Sloth Sloth comics 2006
From Gilbert Hernandez, the award-winning co-creator of Love & Rockets - the series that defined alternative comics - comes SLOTH, Hernandez's first original graphic novel, presented in breathtaking black and white by Vertigo. Troubled teenager Miguel Serra becomes a walking urban legend after he wills himself into a coma and wakes up one year


Publisher: Vertigo
Fairest #12 (2013)
21 pages |
38.68 мegabytes

Keywords: Fairest vertigo 2013

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