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» » Strangers in Paradise (Volume 3) 1-90 series
Strangers in Paradise (Volume 3) 1-90 series

Strangers in Paradise (Volume 3) 1-90 series

Publisher: Abstract / Collections
Year: 1996-2007
Pictures: 90 issues
Language: English
Size: 717.6 mb.

Keywords: Strangers in Paradise Strangers in Paradise collection Strangers in Paradise vol 3 Abstract Studio
The story describes the life of two young American girls, former classmates and still best friends, and their experience related to the personal life as well as mnozhetsvo stories in which they constantly manage to get involved. Past each of them very different, but nevertheless girls are so close and attached to each other that their relationship is sometimes transcend the conventional notion of friendship ...
Much distinguishes this from other comics: diversity and credibility of the plot, which does not exist expense of super heroes, super strength and unrealistic conditions, the deliberate use of poems, songs, quotes. Special, black-and-white drawing technique Terry Moore gives a kind of comic book character. Also an artist, for example, umyslenno emphasizes the imperfections of the human body, as well as a variety of shapes.скачать dle 12.1
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