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» » Valor And Glory - Version 0.1.1i by Leopold Visette Adult PC Game.
Valor And Glory - Version 0.1.1i by Leopold Visette Adult PC Game.

Valor And Glory - Version 0.1.1i by Leopold Visette Adult PC Game.

Valor and Glory is a fantasy dungeon crawler with combat, character customization and a good amount of smut!
The country of Euphoria, where adventurer and monster exploit each others alike, you've grown up with very little to your name. An unfortunate event then sees you thrown out of your community, as you're forced to flee from a scene. Awakening in an unknown environment, you must find a way to make a life on your own.
After having designed your character (Name, gender, race, hairstyle, shoe size, etc.) you get to the zone map. As you click around the map there's a chance to run into enemies, which starts a fight that likely ends out with you exploiting the monster or the other way around. Monsters can also drop items and crafting components for you to design and improve your character, helping you with progressing. Other things involves finding quests, meet (and fuck) NPCs, solve puzzles, beat bosses and become a badass!
Game version 0.1.1i - 03/07/2017
New features:
- Added a new character: Feron the blacksmith. Find him in Wetlock's northern market area.
- Feron sells a number of different iron related items to beef you up... for money!
- Added the loss scene for the drunken oaf fight (no art yet).
- Added a new F/F player victory scene for the brownie.
- Added a quick travel point to Wetlock. If you've got the wanderer's stone, you can unlock it at market's fountain.
- Added a new type of attack animation: throwing (currently only for the brownie).
- Added some different status effects to the player.
- Added remaining animations for the Boar.
- Added remaining animations for the Brownie.
- Added remaining animations for the Ratling.
- Added remaining animations for the Red Slime.

- Fixed a bug where the quicktravel locations wouldn't show if switching from the map UI.
- Fixed a bug where the characters would close in on eachother during fights.
- Fixed a bug where you wouldn't lose upon maxing out lust during combat.скачать dle 12.1
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