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Cthulhu Tales (1-12 series + Special)
13 Issues pages | 2008-2009 year
157.3 мegabytes

Keywords: Cthulhu Tales Cthulhu Tales comics
In 2007, the studio BOOM! struck passion for creativity Howard Phillips Lovecraft, is still ongoing. Originally planned to produce stories based on his comic book stories. So with a break of six months, the individual (one-shot) releases were published collections of "The Rising" and "Tainted". But, having gained a lot of new ideas in the
Modern Warfare 2 - Ghost ( 1 - 6 series)
6 Issues pages |
100 мegabytes

Keywords: Modern Warfare 2 Modern Warfare comics 2010
Modern Warfare 2: Ghost relates to the history of Ghost, an important character in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The comic series is set before Ghost became a member of Task Force 141, with events from both before and leading into the game, focusing on the origins of the character, his skull-like mask, and why he calls himself Ghost.
George R.R. Martin - The Hedge Knight (1 - 12 series)
Action Comics is ninety years before the events of "Songs of Fire and Ice," for over a hundred years before the Battle of the Five Kings. Simple landmark Knight Dunk goes to the tournament, with a half-empty purse, battered armor and a passionate desire to "win just one win."
Chronicles of Wormwood (1 - 6 Series)
6 Issues pages |
70,4 мegabytes

Keywords: Chronicles of Wormwood Chronicles of Wormwood comics
Danny Wormwood - The Antichrist, the son of Satan, but he does not what he imagined. Danny lives normal (almost normal) life, engaged in charity, hates his dad and a friend of Jesus (which is also a problem with a parent). And he has a talking rabbit lover hooliganism on the Internet. Everything expected of him start Armageddon, as prescribed, but
The Thing from Another World (1 - 15 series)
15 Issues pages |
97,5 мegabytes

Keywords: The Thing from Another World The Thing from Another World comics
The Thing from Another World will start in the same place over the film and talks about the continuation of the fight against John MakRedi shape-shifting alien monster. Climate of Fear moves the action from the icy arctic desert on military research base in South America. In Eternal Vows Something terrorizing isolated coastal town. Questionable
Batman Adventures #01-17 (2003-2004)
17 issues pages |
371.21 мegabytes

Keywords: Batman Adventures DC Collection 2003-2004
Continuing the adventures of the Dark Knight based on the popular and award-winning cartoon BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES! Join the Caped Crusader as he prowls the streets and rooftops of Gotham City and protects the innocent from his villainous Rogues Gallery!
Batman - Unseen #01-05 (2009-2010)
5 issues pages |
149.7 мegabytes

Keywords: Batman - Unseen DC Collection 2009-2010
The fan-favorite Bat-team of Doug Moench and Kelley Jones reunite to introduce the newest member of Batman's rogues gallery--an unseen killer who appears to fade away after the crime!
Ghost Stories (1 - 37 Series)
37 Issues pages |
542.4 мegabytes

Keywords: Ghost Stories Ghost Stories comics
Dell comics. Comics about ghosts and adventures in exotic countries. 37 Issues
Jericho. Season 3: Civil War (1-7 series) complete
7 Issues pages |
104 мegabytes

Keywords: Jericho. Season 3: Civil War Jericho comics
Continues right where Season 2 cliffhanger ended! Jake Green & Robert Hawkins are in the safe haven of the Texas with the last remaining bomb from the first attack. Jericho Season 3: Civil War is a comic book limited series that continues the storyline of the CBS television show Jericho following its cancellation. It is being written by Jason M.
American Splendor
38 Issues pages |
787.3 мegabytes

Keywords: American Splendor American Splendor comics
American Splendor - a series of autobiographical comic books created by Harvey Picard and drawn by different artists. The first issue was published in 1976 and the most recent in September 2008
Hybrid #1-4 (2008) Complete
4 Issues pages |
60.4 мegabytes

Keywords: Hybrid Hybrid comics 2008
When four friends decide to rent a schooner for the day, everything is smooth sailing until they encounter a derelict ship adrift in the ocean - a massive trawler that looks as if it had been dragged from the bottom of the sea. When they spot a frightened little girl waving at them from the bow, they have no choice but to investigate. As they get
Coraline: The Graphic Novel (2008)
194 pages |
133.7 мegabytes

Keywords: Coraline: The Graphic Novel Coraline comics 2008
Russell, a 35-year veteran of comics and frequent collaborator with Gaiman, offers an adaptation of Gaiman??™s 2002 novel Coraline (illustrated by Dave McKean), a tale of childhood nightmares. As in the original story, Coraline wanders around her new house and discovers a door leading into a mirror place, where she finds her button-eyed ???other
Hellraiser: The Road Below (1-4 series)
4 Issues pages |
147 мegabytes

Keywords: Hellraiser: The Road Below Hellraiser comics 2012-2013
Over the past year, within the pages of CLIVE BARKER'S HELLRAISER, Kirsty Cotton has gone from a human resisting the forces of Hell, to the ruler of light in the darkest of places. Before her battle with former Pinhead Captain Elliott Spencer, she was called to New Orleans by a holder of the LeMarchand Device - a woman trying to end a decades-long
Blacksad (1-4 series)
304 pages |
201.8 мegabytes

Keywords: Blacksad Blacksad comics 2010-2012
Comic book series about a private detective John Bleksede, black and white cat. The action takes place in the U.S. comics late 1950s, populated by anthropomorphic animals, and animal species reflects certain traits and the profession of the character (for example, police in the comics are dogs and foxes, and many of the negative characters -
Terminator 3 (1-6 series)
6 Issues pages |
107.5 мegabytes

Keywords: Terminator Terminator comics
1-2 Before the Rise 3-4 Eyes of the Rise 5-6 Fragmented
Emily The Strange (1-4 series) Complete
5 Issues pages |
94 мegabytes

Keywords: Emily The Strange Emily The Strange comics
Comics of the 13-year-old goth girl named Emily, who loves cats, loneliness and all countries. She has four cats - Sabbath (with a scar on the left ear), Nee-Chee (with a striped tail), Miles (the X in the right eye) and the Mystery (with a white star on the right eye). Extras. Information: Issue: ?„– 1 August 2005 - Boring Issue; ?„– 1 August

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