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The Silver Surfer #1-2 (1988)
2 issues pages |
114.52 мegabytes

Keywords: The Silver Surfer Marvel Collection 1988
Aliens - Nightmare Asylum (1996)
98 pages |
107.13 мegabytes

Keywords: Aliens - Nightmare Asylum Dark Horse Mark Verheiden Collection 1996
Wilks, Billie, and Bueller were the last survivors of a devastating assault on the aliens' home planet. But their return to the solar system made them refugees once more, fleeing earth and its alien infestation in a desperate attempt to stay alive. Now, in an otherwise unmanned military transport, they hurtle through space, destination: unknown,
Apocalypse Nerd (1-6)
164 pages |
68 мegabytes

Keywords: Apocalypse Nerd Apocalypse Nerd comics 2005
Imagine yourself in a post-apocalyptic world, where all the creature comforts that you've spent an entire lifetime taking for granted were suddenly gone for good. How do you see yourself reacting to such a situation? Would you "suck it up" and be stoically content? Or would you spend most of the time cursing your fate? We all like to picture
Crush (1-4)
106 pages |
44.3 мegabytes

Keywords: Crush Crush comics 2003 comics
In a world of subtle horrors Elizabeth Mason is about to meet one monster she never counted on -- HERSELF! On the day of her 18th birthday, Elizabeth undergoes a strange metamorphosis which, for reasons unknown, causes her to transform into monster called CRUSH! But what at first seems to be a curse, may in fact be the very thing that leads
Lore (1-5)
235 pages |
72.4 мegabytes

Keywords: lore lore comics 2003 comics
In times past, the world was full of mythical creatures long since held at bay by the secret society of Shepherds. But when the Shepherds' line of succession is broken, a reluctant hero finds her life threatened from every quarter. And the creatures are coming back: will the Earth be ready for their return?

Lore (1-5)

Publisher: Collections / IDW
Robert E. Howard's Savage Sword (1-5 Series)
From the mind of pulp titan Robert E. Howard comes a slew of thrilling tales of savage heroism and brutal adventure! This collection features larger-than-life Howard heroes like Dark Agnes, El Borak, the Sonora Kid, and, of course, Conan, and showcases some of today's top creators like Sean Phillips, Tony Parker, Joe Casey, Paul Tobin, and many,
Avengers Prime (1-5 series) HD
5 comics pages |
227 мegabytes

Keywords: Avengers Prime Avengers Prime 2010 comics marvel
They were friends, brothers and teammates through all of Marvel's greatest adventures, but recent events turned them into the bitterest of enemies. In the wake of the Siege of Asgard Thor, Iron Man and Steve Rogers are brought together on the same side once more, but these great heroes can't truly trust each other yet. They better start soon
Resurrection Man (0-12 series) HD
13 comics pages |
699.4 мegabytes

Keywords: Resurrection Man Resurrection Man DC comics 2012
Mitch Shelley is back - and he's still dead. While resurrecting can not long be dead and every revival he appear new and unexpected abilities. However, such a large number of resurrections could not pass unnoticed, and now the secret forces are trying to figure out what's wrong with it - and to understand which of them will finally kill
Spider-Man: Marvel Adventures (Volume 2) #1-24
24 comics pages |
332.9 мegabytes

Keywords: Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol.2 2010 2011 2012
Complete Collection of comics. Peter Parker is recovering from a recent injury, testing their skills in the game of tag with Wolverine and Kitty Pryde, and then fight with the enemy in the face of gang Torino.
Godzilla King Of The Monsters (1-6 series)
6 comics pages |
216.2 мegabytes

Keywords: Dark Horse Classics Godzilla King Of The Monsters 1998
American reporter Steve Martin, who was in Tokyo, travel, learn about the many cases of missing ships, most of which disappeared in the island of Odo. Having decided to conduct its own investigation, he goes there and finds out about the existence of an aggressive giant lizard, which the locals call Godzilla.
Legion of Super-Heroes (0-16 series) HD
17 comics pages |
749.2 мegabytes

Keywords: Legion of Super-Heroes Legion Super-Heroes DC comics collection
Space. The final frontier. Fearless team starship Enterprise explores uncharted expanses of the universe. But whether they are willing to be in a world of hostility and envy which the Klingon Empire? In a world called Earth? In the siege with them and the Legion of Super-Heroes gets.
Teen Titans (0-16 series) HD
17 comics pages |
803.8 мegabytes

Keywords: Teen Titans Teen Titans comics Teen Titans HD DC comics 2013 comics 2012
Not much time has passed, "Graduation Day". Donna Troy - the first Wonder Woman died. Not yet recovered from the grief. But a new generation of young heroes is up and so Victor Stone decided to gather a new team of Teen Titans ...
Collection DC Comics - The New 52 (30.01.2013, week 5)
22 comics pages |
790.9 мegabytes

Keywords: collection dc comics The New 52 30.01.2013 week 5
Collection DC Comics for 30.01.2013 (5 weeks). The collection includes such comics: 1. Before Watchmen: Dollar Bill 2. Superman #16 3. Teen Titans #16 4. Arrow #17 5. All Star Western #16 6. The Fury of Firestorm #16 7. Justice League Dark #16 8. Green Lantern Corps Annual #1 9. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #6 10. I, VAMPIRE #16 11.
Warcraft - Legends Vol.4 (2009)
156 pages |
113.05 мegabytes

Keywords: Warcraft - Legends Vol.4 2009
TimeDrifter (1-3 series)
3 comics pages |
82.3 мegabytes


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